Ten Sweet Memories That Will Bring Tears To Your Eyes

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Well before the gadget and smartphone era, childhood was all about sweet little treats that made our lives happy and cheerful.

Today, we take a nostalgic walk, to bring you some of the fondest memories that is sure to bring, both a smile and a happy tear to your face. 


The elachi flavored super-burst toffee of the 90’s that a lot of us couldn’t keep our hands off! . Kismi toffees and bars have a perfect blend of Caramel and Elachi and tempt even the haters to pick one. Available even now, it is still a hot favourite among the lovers.




Poppins have been known for it’s after effects, a vividly coloured tongue! The multicolor candy, enough for a big group was the ultimate inseparable. For kids in the nineties, it was happiness packed in a tube!


The official 50 paise and 1 Rupee of the nineties. Swad candies had entered the market not just to stay but to conquer. The Pillow packed candy made a place in the pockets of both kids and parents.  These Digestive Drops were rarely bought only its intended purpose.


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Phantom Cigrattes:

Cigarettes have attacked people of every generation but the 90’s had a much better option. Every Kid in the 90’s had tried smoking with these cigarettes. With its unique taste, one is just enough to fulfil your craving.

Magic Pops:

Image: 90s Candy Society

Magic pops where actually magical. It may sound filmy but that ticking and popping sound made it magical and mystic. Almost everyone tried it at school and often got caught pop handed !

.Available in many flavors this was a special candy.



Summers where incomplete without these. Getting home from school wasn’t the same without being armed with these popsicles l Spending most of out pocket money on these cool wonders in flavours like Orange,Cola and Mango it was happiness all the way.

Center Shock

What does a Center shock remind you off?. A shocking burst in the mouth in a totally unexpected flavour.

Many Chewing Gums hit the market in nineteen but none were like Center shock.

Chatar Matar:

Taking you back to your school days, Chatar matar almost became the legal snack during class andlectures.

Chatar matar was in everyone’s bag.. Low priced and well loaded packs suited everyone well. For every student, chatar matar was their study mate.


Introduced in the late 90’s, marbles stole the show in its time. Multi-coloured candies with each one a unique flavour. It was almost a reward of that time, since it was often the gift that the visiting overseas relative brought in.

Gummy Burger:

Modelled in a fairytale 90, this International favourite had everyone hooked, thanks to its low price and easy availability.

Attractive, Chewy and satisfying is what every kid felt for them.


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