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Cooking is a passion for some and a monotonous task for the majority. The most basic tasks around the kitchen can become fun if you understand the santoku knife uses around the space, or if you get innovative tools that are practical and reduce effort and time. Opening cans is much more fun when you have the Best Can Opener that just happens to be electric too! Cool kitchen gadgets will make every cooking experience more interactive and fun.

We scouted around and found ten really cool kitchen gadgets that are sure to make the kitchen seem a fun place to be in:


Pea Peeler: Have you been spending a lot of time just peeling the green peas before you cook them? Peas demand hard work, yet, this simple gadget makes it seem a dream!

It is operated manually but reduces the effort considerably. You can also look at the Chop Your Veggies blog to see what other gadgets you can get for preparing your veg in the easiest way.


Food Hugger: Cooking is all about the recipe. A little extra or a little less there can make any dish a disaster.

In the process, you are invariably left with half a lemon or a wedge of onion which your refrigerator soon renders useless. Just wrap the remaining vegetables in the food hugger and that’s it. They remain nice and fresh.

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Automatic Sensor Dustbin: Automatic Dustbin is a totally novel concept. No more pedals and handles to struggle with. A sensor will do that for you.

These automatic dustbins are sensor based and their battery lasts for around a year and more. Their bags are also easy to wrap up.


8 in 1 Bottle: An eight in one bottle that takes less space and works well.

It is a lemon squeezer, cheese grater, egg masher, egg separator, cap opener, spice grader, a flower vase and a funnel, all in one!

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Spread Knife:The butter that’s been in the refrigerator the entire night is a nightmare to use over soft bread.

Spread Knife is an unusual knife that is a conductor of heat, which means it melts butter while peeling. No more struggling with hard butter and soft bread.


Dash-Go Egg Boiler: Do away with the egg trays in your fridge now. This egg keeper cum boiler does all that and more.

Dash-Go is a compact egg keeper and also a cooker. It can hard boil the eggs and even bake. BONUS; Another swanky egg gadget is the egg desheller. It’s a MUST have when it comes to preparing eggs for a family breakfast on a Sunday.

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Sandwich Maker: Breakfast is the most important meal but it turns the most difficult when everybody in the family demands different things.

Introducing Sandwich maker, which has multilevel settings and makes delicious burgers and sandwiches in no time.


Defrost Plate: Defrosting anything can be a very tedious task. Either you need to wait ages for food to be defrosted or you need to manually defrost them.

The Defrost plate is one such gadget that will defrost anything really quick.

Sur la Table: Sur la table is one that kitchen gadget that is for people who like sipping things will working or talking.

Making tea or green tea or any drink will be much easier with this.
It is a small flask attachment that easily fits onto any mug or glass and has a push button to dispense just the amount of fluid one requires at that point and the rest stays hot.

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Zyless Herb Tool
: Zyless herb cutter is a modern day gadget that can chop a large quantiy of vegetables at a time.

This tool does this all without endangering your fingers, And, all done efficiently and uniformly.


#All images and details are purely indicative and readers are advised to check finer details before ordering the listed gadgets/appliances.

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