Tackling The Irksome Snooze Partner

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Sleeping next to loud snorers and compulsive cuddlers is far from fun. Yet try as you may, you often fail to tweak the irksome quirks of your sleeping partner.

Have heart, for these sneaky Puneites have discovered savvy hacks to deal with their sometimes insufferable and other times innocent snooze partners.

Rishav Mehta confesses to doing the old ‘Hug and Roll’. “This is best applied if you like your space in bed, but are saddled with a snuggler.

Trust me, it can feel like hell on earth when your spouse wants to cuddle for 9 hours straight.

“All you have to do is hug them till they doze off and then roll them away from you to the other side of the bed. Then you can enjoy stress free slumber. It’s by far the best thing I learnt from Ross on FRIENDS,” he laughs.

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Thirteen-year-old Jaspreet Mehrotra has an intriguing strategy for her younger brother Sunny. Sharing a room and bunk-beds ever since Sunny was four, Jaspreet craves freedom and a queen-sized bed. “I learnt a trick at camp that I now try out with Sunny to hilarious results. All you have to do is dunk his hand in a bowl of warm water as he sleeps. He’ll wet the bed instantly!”

“My parents thought the bedwetting had started up again and are now planning to get me a different room. My plan worked like a charm,” she smirks.

Amera Kaul has another strategy for her partner who snores loudly. “The first night I heard him snore, I thought he was dying. When it happened again the next night, I wished he had.

It sounds like a cat being strangled and is a worse than a hippo’s mating call.

Quiz her about her solution and she confesses that she playfully pinches his nose, stopping him breathing until he wakes with a start. “My only hope then is to fall asleep before him. I’m a sound sleeper and wouldn’t wake even if the house were on fire. Earplugs, music- nothing helps. All I do is catch some REM before he turns in for the night, then we’re all good.”

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“Having to walk our dog in the middle of the night is a huge menace,” says Vinny Sengupta. “Buster refuses to go around 10pm, yet when we’re snoozing away peacefully at 3am, he’ll want to go! My husband and I agreed to take turns and walk him. But my husband who never snores, has managed to let out an uncharacteristically loud snore quite innocently the past few nights. This obviously meant I had to walk Buster. But I’ve improvised.

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“I wait for Harsh to snooze off and then lay a treat over his belly on the blanket. When Buster enters the room come 3am, he’ll just bound onto the bed on his tummy effectively waking his Highness,” she chuckles sneakily adding that she hasn’t been discovered yet.


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