Sushmita Sen Is All Set To Wield The Nunchaku !



Actress, Model and Miss Universe pageant winner, Sushmita Sen inaugurated the the sixth outlet of PNG Jewellers at Hinjawadi a few days ago.

At a press conference, she spoke about her early life, first job, life as a parent and her undying love for Pune.

“My first job was to be the face of a campaign for a pharmaceutical company and I earned my first Rs 2,500 ,” said Sen.

“With that money I bought myself my first piece of jewellery, a very small piece of gold with ‘Om’ written on it. Prior to that I did a summer job which was selling vacuum cleaners door to door and I made my first Rs 800 doing that back in 1992. That tiny little charm will always remain in my special memory,” she recalls nostalgically.

Speaking about her love for jewels, she says, “Although I rarely wear jewellery, but when I do, I see that it makes a statement . I like temple jewellery which speaks so much about our culture,” she adds.

Sushmita Sen with daughters Alisah and Renee

When asked about her daughters, Renee and Alisah, Sushmita says that it has been tough to play both father and mother to her children.

There is a very cool mother and a very strict father. I have both in balance and I try to maintain that because my children are born with a lot of attention and love. I need them to be people who appreciate and value that and not take it for granted.

“For instance, my daughter Renee has a phone but doesn’t have data on it. I have told her if she wants data, she has to earn it herself and value the information she wants to keep and give away. That is the father in me. The mother in me says ‘har kisi ke pass phone hai, kya farak padta hai?’ But no, there is a fine line,” she adds.

Sushmita is incidentally a tarot card reader and she feels that it has helped her give positivity to people’s lives.

“My friends have a habit of making me read their cards because I always have a positive remark to give. Since I am essentially a very positive person every card that might even have a negative connotation is interpreted through a positive approach.

Sharing her golden memories with the crown, Sen says, “I was an ugly duckling. In my childhood I was thin, with bob cut hair and I never considered myself as beautiful. On that day when I won that crown, India won the crown for the first time and I was just 18. I came in front of the mirror, put that crown on and kept admiring myself.

“My mother was looking at me and said that I have a full year ahead to look at it. I remember telling her that I am the most beautiful girl in the world. Smiling, my mother remarked ” you have always been beautiful but today the world has acknowledged that.” There will be scars in your life like everybody else but let this crown be a reminder that beauty is deep within so stay a beautiful person. The crown till always reminds me of that,” she says.

Questioned about Pune’ Sushmita remarked “Pune is my neighbourhood. I have friends and family here. I come to Pune quietly and go back after meeting them. There is warmth here that has never changed and I think it is less commercial in its mindset compared to Mumbai.

“Right now as we speak, I am learning the Nunchaku. I just decided that this is the right age,” she says giggling. “I have been fascinated with that form of martial art for a very long time. I was just waiting to heal myself of some injuries to start learning Nunchaku,” she adds.

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