Sushi, Sashmi and more in Pune!

Aspura Maki

Every foodie in the world has a special corner for Japanese food, especially Sushi. The eclectic yet simple taste of food in this cuisine has enchanted many, to learn more about its culture. For Puneites who’d like to be transported to Japan without moving an inch, head straight to Baan Tao at Hyatt, Kalyani Nagar to relish the food at the ongoing Japanese Food Festival.

Chef. Shohei Nakajima

Prepared by Chef Shohei Nakajima and Chef Sunil Joshi, everyone gets to savour on authentic flavours present in the sushi, sashimi, dumplings, soup and much more.

Introduce your palette to Japanese food by first trying the Aspura Maki, which is asparagus tempura, rolled in with sticky rice and dipped in light soy sauce.

Sashmi Classic

For the fish and meat lovers, the sashimi is a classic delight. The cold cuts are placed on top of a layer of rice and eaten with some wasabi.


Negima with Chicken & Leek

Another highlight of this specially curated menu is the Chicken and Leek Kushiyaki / Negima served on skewers. The chicken is grilled with a slightly spicy sauce which gives it a smoked flavour.

Vegetarians need not be disappointed, as there is ample variety of food for them too. The vegetarian Teppanyaki consists of a mix of exotic vegetables like zucchini, broccoli, asparagus, tofu, mushrooms and baby corn grilled and stir-fried in a mildly hot and sour sauce. Misoshiru is a dish with soupy sabo (buckwheat) noodles with fermented soybean paste. The best part is that you can easily gorge on all this food and still feel light. This is the nature of Japanese food, remarks Chef Nakajima. It isn’t heavy or oily as compared to Indian food.

Matcha Tea Cheesecake

The cherry on the menu is certainly the dessert. The Matcha Tea Cheesecake is the definite winner here. Matcha tea is a kind of green tea that is devoured due to its multiple health benefits. The thick cheesecake is accompanied with freshly homemade coconut ice cream, strawberries and a sugar syrup stringy dome. Once the plate is wiped off in seconds, you’ll be ‘Konnichiwa!’ to all your friends!

Once the plate is wiped off in seconds, you’ll be saying ‘Konnichiwa!’ to all your friends!

This festival is on until March 26.


Pune365 was an invitee to this media tasting event