Sunny Leone Gets Candid On Christmas, Motherhood And…

Suny Leone


Actor, model and now a mother, Sunny Leone’s journey has been an intriguing one. Frequently in town for work and more, this globe-trotting celebrity is no stranger to Pune.

Recently in town to promote her upcoming musical thriller Tera Intezaar, the petite actress spoke her mind:

Suny Leone Speaking of motherhood, her newest feat, Sunny shares, “I’ve wanted to be a mother for a very long time. The wait was the the hardest part for me. Being a mom has been sheer bliss. Everyday is new with her growing and learning new things each day.

“Children are like sponges, they absorb everything around them so fast! Just the other day, I was reading to her and teaching her a few things. Well, today, I see her doing them already!” she exclaims.

The actor has dabbled in genres like Romance, Comedy and Mystery among others so far. Quiz her about the kind of movies she sees herself doing next, and Sunny expounds, “Well, Tera Intezaar is a musical romantic thriller with twist and turns from the word go.

So, filming this has been quite an intriguing experience. But, I’m always open to exploring new genres with every new movie!”

Suny Leone The woman who takes every controversy in her stride, is all smiles when asked about her baby girl Nisha. Probe her about what Christmas holds in store for the tiny tot and Sunny admits that she’ll be out of the country shooting for her next film in December.

“Honestly, she receives so many presents every other day that I don’t think she’ll quite grasp the joy of opening presents come Christmas morning. Nonetheless, we certainly plan to celebrate with lots of love and wishes for Christmas, Hanukah and the new year.

Sunny goes on to talk about her experience shooting for Tera Intezar. “The film has been shot on a lavish scale with great music, special effects and visuals.

“But I particularly enjoyed shooting in Mauritius, as the resort we shot at was a beautiful one. Serene and luxurious, the stay was quite enchanting. Besides, the shooting schedule itself was a relaxed one,” she beams signing off.


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