Sudha Murthy On Idealism, Literature and More

Sudha Murthy


“I’m a very ordinary person who got extraordinary chances in life,” explains Sudha Murthy with a tender smile.

The epitome of modesty, this sexagenarian is a prolific writer and philanthropist who heads the Infosys Foundation.

Touching upon her incredible journey, she reveals, “Luck has been a factor, but hard work and working without great expectations is the most important ingredient to success.

Tell me one thing that’s true, but almost no one agrees with you on it.

I want to be an idealist. No one agrees with me on this. But, idealism and innocence are the reasons I can write. It helps me sympathise and be compassionate toward people rather than turning a blind eye to suffering. You need a sort of compassion to care for people. To have compassion, you should have a little idealism!

In your eyes – the biggest obstacles and barriers to success that Indians face today?

We don’t care for quality. Everyone is pro- Jugaad. We don’t care for the society. We always think about only our family. These are the biggest obstacles to progress and success.

We must think of the public good and genuinely want to work hard.

Where do your best ideas come from and how do you spawn creativity?

My best ideas come to me in the night. That’s when you’re not busy answering 150 telephone calls or 300 emails. When work for the day is done and I have a bit of quiet, I get my best ideas.

What are you reading right now?

I’ve just completed A Feast of Vultures by Josy Joseph. I’m about to start reading Shashi Tharoor’s book next.

If you could play a mythological character from one of your books, who would you be?
Well, it would be impossible, but I would love to play Krishna. He’s among the most compassionate, supremely intelligent and a lover of peace. He’s very helpful to others and a perfect character.

What’s for supper tonight?

Oh, Maharastrian food! I just had a lovely Puranpoli this afternoon. I’d love some Pithla Bhakri with Shengdana Chutney tonight.

Your fondest memories of Pune?

I’m very comfortable in Deccan, because we’ve lived there. I’m very fond of that part of the city. Heading to hotel Shreyas or Durvankur for lunch is a must when I’m in the city.

Your advice to aspiring entrepreneurs?

If you run after money, money runs away from you. If you chase a good product or service, money runs after you.

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Aditi Balsaver

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