Sudha Menon’s ‘Devi, Diva or She-Devil’ launched

Author Sudha Menon unveiled her new book titled, ‘Devi, Diva or She-Devil The Smart Career Woman’s Survival Guide’ on Saturday at CrossWords, Aundh. The Ceremony was graced by Celebrity food writer Karen Anand and Entrepreneur Laleh Busheri, the Chief Executive Officer of Cancer Care Mission.

The trio spoke about women, ambition and an undeniable need for spousal support while also touching upon Sudha Menon’s journey writing the book. Devi, Diva or She-Devil explores complex issues faced by Indian women. Be it dealing with family pressures, gender perceptions, leadership challenges or bringing up children while excelling in their careers.

If you questioned the need for this book and this debate in the millennial age, then think again. More than one man in the audience stood up to voice such misogynistic thoughts that you seriously applauded the author’s courage to sit and let them voice their chauvinist opinions.

One would think we were back in the dark ages. With any luck, this book shall herald a new era of liberal thought and somewhat educate the sexist males in our midst.

With insights from renowned females like Film Director Farah Khan, Actor Lillette Dubey, Boxer M.C. Mary Kom to name a few; the book helps the contemporary Indian woman negotiate the professional world. It will certainly make an interesting read for Indian men too..

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