Style Diaries: Taming Pune’s unpredictable winter


Ah, Pune winter! You arrived early this year; Our winter wardrobes are still not prepared for you. And then you decided to go all mysterious on us, alternating mornings of biting cold with hot afternoons and freezing nights. It’s almost like you are teasing us; Wear what you like, yet it will get bothersome halfway through the day..

To be honest, I may just be nitpicking. After all, it’s not that bad, most days and there’s always a way to deal. But dear Mother Nature, what can I say, I would like some consistency in my life, at least weather wise. So, since you refuse to be on my side this time around, I will be my own friend and makeover what I thought would become my winter essentials. And if you dear reader, like me, are unable to deal with this see-saw sweater weather, here’s how to beat Pune ki unpredictable ‘sardi’, with just three weapons in your arsenal..

Jackets are Your Best Friends

Repeat this mantra with me! There is no outerwear more perfect for Pune winters than a jacket. A denim jacket with frayed edges and metallic adornments can be a perfect addition to your outfit on days when there’s a nip in the air. For warmer afternoons, just carry the jacket in your hands; A cool I-can’t-be-bothered-to-wear-this attitude, your accessory. When the mercury dips further, a leather jacket can be perfect, but do read the weather report before you step out. You don’t want to be the person whose sanity is being questioned for wearing leather on a swelteringly hot winter day. Oh, and those fur-lined/shearling jackets, can we give those a miss? Pune is just not the place for it.

These Boots are Meant for Walking

tulika121216Let’s get one thing clear here! Boots don’t necessarily translate to leather. So you don’t have to worry about Pune not having appropriate weather, or giving your feet a heat stroke. When the mornings are threatening to give your feet a frostbite, slip on a pair of well-fitted boots. If leather seems too much, then opt for suede ones. Make a style statement with over-the-knee versions with a shirt dress or sandal boots with maxi dresses; a sliver of skin showing, makes the boots seem surprisingly weather appropriate. Just don’t go the Ugg way. To repeat an oft-quoted bad pun, those are just ‘uggh’!


Scarves, Scarves, Scarves, Scarves, Scarves, Scarves

In my head, that subhead had the same undeniably addictive rhythm as Rihanna’s work mantra. But that aside, scarves are my favourite way to beat the unpredictable winters. Huge, oversized, bigger-than-most-people’s bodies, they are perfect for our Puneri winters.

Wrap yourself in them completely when it’s too cold to move, casually drape them over your shoulders when the mercury rises, or even make a winter-appropriate off-shoulder cape top with them (cue: YouTube video); scarves are the perfectly snug add-on to your ensemble, when you are facing a hot-cold dilemma.

Yes, you have other options too.There are light-weight sweaters and knitted dresses, heavy ponchos and blanket capes, but they have the same all-weather appeal and layering versatility. So, this is going to be our move, Mother Nature.

“Figure it out,” you almost challenged us, Now, “figure out how to trump me this time.”  The point is that, we have had enough of ‘trumping’ this season; For now, we’ll settle for a way around problems!

Tulika Nair

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