#StopNow -Sending That Text While Driving Can Kill You

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There has been a spate of accidents in the city reportedly caused by the use of mobile phones while driving.

A recent study has conducted by researchers at the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (IITB) has shown how using mobile phones while driving can distract drivers and affect their ability to handle hazardous situations. The results of the study have shown that both calling and texting while driving degrades the performance of a driver.

According to a report from World Health Organisation, road accidents are the leading cause of death. In India accidents happen every one minute and every four minutes a life is lost,

The report suggested that approximately 31% of the drivers who used a mobile phone while driving met with accidents.

Pune365 hit the streets to take a status check on this perilous habit of Pune citizens.

“Phone use has always been the main cause for diverting the driver’s attention,” says Samirah from Safe Road Foundation.

When you are using a phone your attention shifts from the road to your phone, especially when you are texting. While sending a text message, your complete focus is on the cell phone, even if it is for just two mins.

For instance, If the speed of the car is 20-30km/hour and in between, you look down to text someone, you tend to push the accelerator, as looking in your phone completely diverts the drivers mind away from the road and leads to accidents. People have to start taking safety more seriously. It is the same reason we have insurance too. There are no excuses anymore for not having car insurance when you can get car insurance with no deposit to pay up front.

“To curb drivers from using the mobile phone while driving, constant awareness drives are important. We have started focusing on the malls in the city, as they attract a large crowd during weekends.”

Two mins can save your life and moreover, the person on the phone can always wait” Samirah adds.

Umesh Gade, an engineering student says, “We have reached a point, where we can talk to a person without holding a smart device. Thanks to technology, we have different types of handsfree devices available, therefore talking over the phone should not be considered an offence.” Technology has also developed which is helping to find out the true cause of crashes. This is why the dash cams at BlackBoxMyCar are so in demand.

“I listen to music, sing songs while am driving, and often, speak to people sitting next to us in the car, if using the gadget is a distraction, then I think this should be too.

There is no harm when you use Bluetooth device, headphones or speakerphones, as you can totally concentrate on the road while you’re talking,” Gade adds.

“If we talk about distractions, everything we do while driving is a distraction and equally harmful to the driver, as well as the others on the road,” says Parth Shah, Techie.

Chinmay Teke, a student says, “It is perfectly fine to answer calls, if you trust your riding and driving skills. Talking over the phone while riding a bike is harmful, but it is a skill and fewer people possess it.

There is a chance that you may lose your balance and get into a fatal accident

“It is harmless if you talk over the phone while driving, but I would not suggest texting and driving. Because when you talk over the phone you see ahead of you, but while texting, we concentrate more on the phone than on the road,” Chinmay adds.

Taxi driver Sunil says that “We often get calls from the customers and irrespective of whether we have a handsfree or not, we are bound to answer. We cant stop the car in the middle of the road and speak to the customer.

There is no policy from the company I know off, on this phone usage while driving.

The updated application has many tasks to perform once you drop the customer or when you board a new customer.. It asks for a code, exit the earlier trip, start the map and so on, due to which we lose our attention from driving and end up concentrating on our phone.

“I have paid fines many a time, I have no other options till the time, I get my car to the side of the road. In this time, the customer disconnects the call and immediately cancels the ride, The risk is certainly there, but that is the part of my job.” He adds.

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