Stop Crying! There Are Nicer Ways To Overcome A Breakup

Ways to Overcome Breakup
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Going through a breakup is painful, yet, we all know it is a phase in life that is an eventuality that can rarely be avoided…

To top this, every relationship is unique much like the people involved and so is the reason for the unfortunate breakup.

If you are tired of crying and are not the “pick up a hobby’ kind, do not lose hope. Pune’s youth share some interesting ways you can overcome a breakup without being buried in negativity. 

Pamper yourself! Buy yourself good makeup accessories, especially lipsticks!  A researched and experimented process suggests that wearing a new lipstick every day keeps you away from negative vibes, says Neha Mishra, web designer.

A spa or a body massage is also very relaxing and a good way of pampering yourself. Try it to experiencing the peace being yourself, Neha adds.

Ankita Dixit, Marketing executive says, “I volunteered at an animal shelter and nursing back the sick animals to good health is a great way to heal the heart.

This helps you stay away from all the negativity you have after a breakup.Their slobbery kisses and warm cuddles ensure you move on and leave behind all the troubles of the world.

Akash Khaire, Software professional says, Am so used to breakups that it hardly matters now; but yes, when I broke up for the first time, I went in for a rebound relationship.

And that worked wonders! Date someone to forget someone, but make sure you take it slow and smooth.

Yoga, hobby class and book reading are boring! Go on a solo vacation and get cozy with someone, says Dipti Pansare, Zumba Instructor.

Pack your bags and head to your favourite destination, obviously, the one that fits in your budget. Make out with a co-traveller or someone in the group and spends that one night together.  

Sex always helps in my case to overcome breakups or any other emotion. But ensure it is a safe process, Dipti added.

Staying occupied is one, but how about dedicating your time to sleeping and eating your favourite cheese? says Rutuja Nair, Medical Student.

When you are in a relationship, girls are always conscious about their weight and appearance, but once you break up, you’re free from all the drama and what could be better then eating and sleeping, Rutuja adds. 

There is nothing like ‘the true love’ of your life and the earlier you understand that someone else will fill the void, the easier it is to come out, says Tanushree Waghe, Architect.

I was in my junior college when I first went through a breakup and to suppress the pain, I worked as a waitress in a coffee shop.

This was a normal coffee shop near my college which was run by a aunty who is deaf. Getting busy with anything you like will help, Tanushree added.

My ex-boyfriend always criticised me for being overweight and we broke up because of that. Hence I decided to join the Gym and do what I loved, says Riya Mehta, Model.


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