Stop Complaining And Start Living For A Change


In the busy world that we live in today, there are a lot of things which don’t measure up to our standards of living. The one option some of us resort to is complain, complain and keep complaining.

Complaining is a very human act and most of us do it to release some stress from our system. There is nothing wrong with it unless it becomes an obsession.

However, there are many people who are constant complainers, regular grumblers who find nothing good in anything.

Research says that an average normal person complains at least 15 times a day and regular whiners at least a minimum of 30 times a day, according to a report.

The latter start complaining the moment they get up. They curse the alarm clock when it goes off when they are in the midst of sound sleep.

And it goes on throughout the day with no respite. They find fault with everything – from the breakfast, to the cleaning to the weather to their car’s shock absorbers.

This is a dangerous trend and could lead to diabetes or a heart condition or any stress-related illness.

Many people are afflicted by it. Here are some steps which may help them get some relief from their woes:

Positivity:  This is the most essential step. Our brain always tilts to the negative side when we complain. This thought must be overcome. It is easy to say but difficult to do. So get mindful and see something good in the thing you are complaining about. Not all things are fully bad. May be the cup you are drinking the horrible tea in may be pleasing to the eye. Or the person you are growling about may have some good qualities.

Blame Game: Complaining will not change the situation. If you were served bad food, blaming the waiter doesn’t help. It’s the cook’s fault. The waiter is just serving you, not preparing the food. Instead of raving and ranting at him, it is better to stay calm and register your complaint with the right people and leave.

Cursing The Traffic: Relax, chill. Those nerds who break rules will not change their mindset even if you grumble or berate them. Instead stick to the music in your car to de-stress.

Imperfect World:  The world is imperfect. Face that and accept the fact that you are too and the world will be a better place to live in.

Moving On: Learn to move on from the thing you grumbled about. There is nothing more you can do to address your complaints. By hanging on and letting your mind dwell on it, you end up being a wreck.

Venting Out Feelings: It is always good to vent out your feelings occasionally. It helps restore your balance. You can speak to a close friend who may even help you see the funny side of it.

Sense of Humour: Laugh and be happy. Then the irritation will go away as fast as it came.

Meditation and Yoga: These two will help you to be more mindful and be in control of yourself.  It will help you to harness your racing thoughts and bring a sense of calmness.

Judgemental Attitude: Stop judging and start living. Others have their problems too. Life’s like that.