Away From Family This Diwali?



The Oxford of the East, our very own Pune has a huge migrant population thanks to the plethora of educational institutions, yet for these students staying away from family is quite an experience by itself..

Missing home is a feeling that only gets worse when it’s festival season say these Pune based youngsters who share their Diwali plans with us..

“Diwali is celebrated with much pomp and enthusiasm at my place. The preparations start a week prior to the day,” says Zubeena. “I have recently shifted to Pune to pursue my education so I don’t think I would be able to celebrate Diwali with my family.

This is the first time I will be celebrating the festival away from my family hence I am planning to visit Mumbai and spend a day there exploring the city.

This way, I cant take my mind off from the pangs of missing home ; but this is what I am hoping for now,” she adds.

It has been three years that Prateik Vaidya is living in Pune, away from his family. “Last year I was at my hometown celebrating Diwali with my family. But this year I am thinking of celebrating it with my flatmates as it takes more than 26 hours to reach my hometown by train and I don’t think I will be able to travel to and fro in just four days of this extended holiday.

All three of us are planning to decorate our flat and throw a party to some of our friends who unfortunately like us will also be away from their family,” he adds.

“I will try roaming in the streets of Pune and enjoy the festivity treating myself to some amazing sweets from ‘Kaka Halwai’,” says Ashish Agarwal. “Not everyone is lucky enough to get holidays from office. Some unlucky ones have to sacrifice their holidays so that someone else can enjoy it with their family.

But seeing people celebrating Diwali with their families is tough especially since we only  have ‘ghar ka snacks’ to make one feel ‘at home’ he adds.

Relatives are as worrying as having a gun stuck to my head but they are my only hope, feels Sheetal Khera..

Like most of my friends, I also hate my relatives but sadly I have to visit them this Diwali thanks to ‘family pressure’.

My parents think that by going to my relatives in Pune during my Diwali break, I will not miss them and be sad. But little do they know that nothing can make me more sad than pretending to be happy amongst many masked faces.

But sadly, that is my Diwali plan,” she adds giggling.

Loveleen Kaur

Loveleen Kaur

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