StartupStory#72: Chtrbox- Pranay and Team Help you Monetize your Passion

Team Chrtbox


Pranay Swarup, Co-Founder and CEO

“There are days when you feel like an artist or one leading the orchestra,” Pranay Swarup says of life as a startup founder.

“It is exceptionally satisfying being in control, being end responsible for every good change you bring,” adds the entrepreneur who is founder and CEO at Chtrbox.

“We offer brands and leading agencies access to over 1,25,000 social media stars and micro influencers in the country,” explains Pranay walking us through a day in his life as founder of the blooming startup.

Startup Essentials
Chtrbox is an Influencer Marketing company and leading platform that helps brands discover and collaborate with their most pertinent influencers.
Influencers are offered aid with campaigns and sponsorships from top brands and agencies to engage and grow their audience.
Chtrbox works with brands like Star Movies, NBA, PepsiCo, JBL, Koovs, OLX, Rayban, Vogue Eyewear and more.

“There are days when going in to work as a startup founder is a bit like stepping into a boxing ring.

You get pounded from every corner, and that brings out the killer instinct in you,” he grins.

“It’s the rush, the chaos, the dynamism, that we come to enjoy. Through the disruption, there is pattern though.

He speaks of his co-founders Rohit Raj and Varun Duggirala (Founders of The Glitch), Roshan Abbas (MD, Encompass) and Gaurav Kapur (Actor). “We wanted to evolve the way digital advertising is executed, using deep social data and smart analytics. Making the influencer marketing loop intelligent and automated has been our goal,” he elucidates.

Pranay went on to explain that one social media platform in particular has recently surged in popularity for influencers.

“We have seen a real rise in demand for TikTok influencers recently” he added.

In case you were not already aware, TikTok is a video sharing app that can be used to post short videos. When used by businesses, TikToks can be a hugely influential way to promote products and services in a unique way. Consequently, if you were looking for ways to boost your Tiktok followers it would be well worth reaching out to a TikTok influencer for a collaboration.

Essentially, the more likes, views, and followers that a TikTok can get, the more likely it is that your brand will reach a wide audience. Moreover, with TikTok expected to grow in popularity over the next year, it will be intriguing to see what else the future holds for using this growing social media platform as a marketing tool.

“My role ranges on everything from talking about products, to business to finance and people. I brainstorm strategies with my team and manage interactions with key customers,” says the man who began his entrepreneurial journey founding The popular online and mobile internship platform was later acquired by Aspiring Minds.

Why Chtrbox
We know that push advertising gets skipped and ignored.
Word of mouth and influencer marketing are the future. It triggers engagement, decisions and purchase, like never before.
We understand that, and are building the most intelligent system with Chtrbox for brands to collaborate with influencers.

Quiz him on who the Chtrbox influencers really are, and pat comes his response.

“You are! If you have a social presence of any kind where people follow you, you automatically yield the power to influence them. The impact varies according to the reach and popularity; however, the power to influence exists.

Right from Youtubers, TikTokers, Instagrammers or Twitteratis and Bloggers to Snapchatters, our network includes Thought Leaders, Socializers, Mom Influencers, Campus Influencers and even Working Professionals with niche interests.

CEO After Hours
On an easy day, Pranay enjoys immersing himself in the world music, you may find him catching a live music gig about town.
Cinema is a passion as is sports with a game of basketball or football.
He enjoys travel with an occasional getaway.
Weekends are for spending time in the company of good friends and family.

“We sought to found a startup where all kinds of influencers are welcome and sought after by brands. Right from celebrities to popular social media stars to everyday passionate consumers,” he clarifies adding that those who are new to influencing can use their algorithm to help discern the SMV (Social Media Value).

“Today, as an entrepreneur, I see opportunity in everything – in every intern, in every code, in every possible sale.

I am passionate and most driven by growth, working with smart diverse teams, providing and building long-term scalable value,” he points out signing off.




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