StartupStory: #58 Incredi_art- Insight into Founder, Lavish Uppal’s Life

Incredi Art


Incredibly young and already running a flourishing concern; Lavish Uppal is certainly all gall. This sassy young founder has oodles of talent and plenty of pluck having successfully transformed her passion into a paycheck with Incredi_art.

Incredi Art

Lavish passionately speaks about her entrepreneurial journey, sharing that, she was always inclined towards papier-mâché and craft as a young girl. Creativity came easily, as craft was always a cherished hobby. This later turned into much more with a lot of hard work and a spot of luck.

She takes us through a typical day in her life as founder of a blossoming enterprise..

A self-confessed night owl, Lavish starts her day at 11am. The young founder shoots off to college juggling client meetings and phone calls throughout the day. Touching upon her role at the company,

Lavish says, “Incredi_art is a huge responsibility.”

Startup Essentials

Founded late 2015, IncrediArt is a coveted destination for inventive and quirky gifting options. Made with love and oodles of creativity; the hampers and curios are targeted at millennials.
Fuelled by social media, the business delivers pan-India. Most orders come in from Delhi, Mumbai, Punjab and Orissa apart from Pune.

“Managing it involves taking calls round the clock, aiding my clients choose gift and hamper designs. I then have to take stock of the existing inventory and source materials. Since I handle everything myself from planning the design, creation to arranging the delivery; it can get quite hectic on most days.”

incredi art


Talking about the brand’s inception, Lavish admits it was an impromptu decision that fared well. “Honestly, I never planned it. A buddy noticed the gifts I was making for my friend and suggested I make them on a larger scale. Well, that was it! I did the same, and was stunned to see how soon the orders came pouring in.

Shedding light on the production aspect she explains that it’s a completely customized experience. “I analyze the needs of a client and work accordingly. Once paper and a pair of scissors are in my hands, I need no planning.” However, she does devise themed hampers for seasonal holidays.

incredi art“Running a business from the ground up has taught me many things,” she confesses. “However, multi-tasking leads the list! Times like Valentine’s week see a flurry of activity with a spate of orders. That’s when I simply turn on great music and am in the zone.”

incredi artShe dislikes interruptions during work, which makes night the best time for productivity. “Nights catalyse creativity in me. On an average, it takes a couple of days, but urgent deliveries demand all-nighters,” she says on completing orders.

incredi art“But I must say that the best thing about your own business is that it doesn’t feel like work. Working round the clock on seasonal holidays doesn’t faze me, because it’s always been my passion. Work is strangely a relief for me.”

The business that has an active social media presence first began through word of mouth. “I soon started paid promotions on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. The youth is quite active on college groups, social groups, etc which is primarily from where I receive most orders.

CEO After Hours

Travel is cherished hobby. Lavish also loves exploring different parts of the city to seek inspiration for her designs from everyday life.
A self-proclaimed foodie, she is averse to parties, but does enjoy the occasional hangout provided it comes with a delectable meal.
Deep slumber is the best way to relax after a stressful day shares the snooze queen.
Her recent travels took her to Jaipur where she rang in her birthday.

The young founder believes that entrepreneurship is the best decision she took. However, she states that the hardest part of being an entrepreneur is establishing a new business.

incredi art“The initial stage demands a ton of patience; however, if you have a good product and constantly innovating with design, then fame and followers shall follow.”

The gutsy gal shares that her mantra is to work harder than she did the day before, aspiring to reach greater heights and make her folks proud.

We at Pune365 Wish Lavish and Incredi_art Much Success Ahead..

Soar on girl!! 


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