Startup Story #78: Thrive – Powering A Holistic And Healthy Lifestyle

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Thrive, a unique healthcare initiative, was born when co-founders Guru Pashupati Nath, Trusha Dethe and Mugdha Pradhan were united by the common vision of creating a healthy community around them.

Thrive Functional Nutrition
Team – Thrive Functional Nutrition

An innovative approach towards living a healthier life through functional nutrition, Thrive’s USP is essentially based on the mantra that focuses hugely on personalised care and a one-day-at-a-time approach.

Mugdha Pradhan - Thrive Functional Nutrition
Mugdha Pradhan

Walking us through a day in her life, one of the founders, Mugdha Pradhan, says,

“Monday is like any other day. I wake up at 5 am, finish my yoga and workout. This is followed by a delicious nutrient rich, anti-inflammatory, hot breakfast made with fresh, local, organic food.

Startup Essentials
It is an extensive network of laboratories whose primary aim lies in providing ease and economy for those seeking access to a variety of tests ranging from complete blood chemistry to more specialised tests for leaky guts and genetic mutations.

In addition, Thrive also boasts a series of mentors and therapists who specialise in more complex domains such as human bio-chemistry and behavioral sciences.

“During breakfast Trusha Dethe and Guru Pashupati Nath (Co-Founders) and I check on client trackers and troubleshoot wherever they are stuck.

I usually plan my work agenda for the day the previous night itself. Post-lunch is work time again. I usually get done by 6 pm and spend the rest of my time learning.

“Evenings are reserved for discussions on Thrive’s growth along with some fresh gut healing smoothies. Also, evenings are when we occasionally have calls with our international clients. This is followed by dinner and planning for the next day. I usually sleep by 10 pm,” she shares. Mugdha admits working 40 hrs per week and her weekends are nothing different from her weekdays.

Thrive Functional NutritionShe is grateful to her team for keeping the stress away.

“Thanks to having a great team, I’ve never really had a stressful work day as the team always backs me up when help is needed.

Connecting with people with whom I can have mutually profitable relationships is how I stay relaxed.”

She states that functional nutrition has helped her lot to keep fit and active, leading to no sick days.


I’ve stopped having sick days from the time I discovered the power of functional nutrition, she adds.

“Also, I work from home as our method of coaching doesn’t require us to have an office, so even on days where I might feel lazy about going out, I can get work done.”

Target audience:
Adults with chronic diseases, Parents of children suffering from poor health (allergies, asthma, ADHD, slow growth, digestive problems and low immunity)

Sharing her thought on running a company over having a job, she says, “When you are running a company there’s an expectation to keep learning continuously which never happens in a 9 to 5 job. In addition, you are always thinking of creating mutually profitable relationships with your team, your extended partners and your customers.

“When you run a company, you begin to challenge every self-limiting thought and behaviour that comes in the way of the company’s and your growth. How can a job even compare to this?

CEO After Hours

Healthcare is not a field where you can switch off focus from your clients because it’s a weekend. If there’s a good movie playing I might go watch it with my friends. I travel quite a bit and one of Thrive’s core strengths is teaching our clients how to maintain great health even while travelling.

“That being said, there are pressures of running a start-up. There is the need to recruit the right people for our future plans. Looking for the right fit for this role creates stress, but this high pressure is dealt with by having daily conversations with mentors,” she adds.

Speaking on their future expansion plans, Mugdha says, “We want to make good quality healthcare accessible to anyone who wants it. We believe optimal health is everyone’s birthright and it’s not to be reserved for an elitist few.

“Additionally, we want to set up wellness retreats branded Thrive academy, to teach functional nutrition, Thrive labs, so that we can offer important non-routine diagnostic tests to all our clients at an affordable rate and set up Thrive Pharma to manufacture allergen free, non GMO, third party verified multivitamins and probiotics,” she says signing off.


#Pune365 Wishes Thrive Co-Founders And Team, All Success Ahead!

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