Startup Story #77: Box of Science – Parag Gore Catalyses Experiential Education


With a Masters degree in Instrumentation Science from Pune University, aspiring Astrophysicist Parag Gore, shifted his focus to ‘Science Communication’.

This saw him found Box of Science that hosts several training programs for teachers and kids on ‘Activity Based Science Education’.

Why Box of Science
We have a huge gap between knowledge and actuation within kids.
Initially I started ‘Science in Action Club’ for developing resources on ‘Experiential Education’.
We adopted a more comprehensive approach to developing cognitive levels of kids with ‘Hands on activities’. We developed a number of kits and programs under ‘Box of Science’.

“We seek to provide Hands on Experience to students,” affirms the man adding that it is a verified method for boosting their growth, analytical skills and logical thinking. “After all, activity-based learning boosts creativity and confidence,” says the founder walking us through a day in his life at the startup.

Parag declares that dawn is when he works on physical and mental fitness with meditation and exercise.

His work day starts at 10 am when he checks his schedule for the day to tackle pending tasks. “After swiftly panning through social media and news papers to update myself, I define the day’s tasks on a white board, for the benefit of the order processing members of my team.”

Startup Essentials
Operating on the belief that education has power to transform any nation, Box of Science, adopts an experiential approach.
Their devoted activists design diverse activities to nurture curious minds and manufacture Educational Do-It-Yourself Kits – ‘Box of Science’ Kits and resources for students.
They have a special Teachers Training Program.They also conduct Science and Robotics Workshops in schools and engineering colleges

“Up next, we get in touch with potential and present clients. I do check for feedback and suggestions.” Parag reveals that post lunch it’s time to focus on development. “As a manufacturing company, we do research and development in-house. Market assessment, purchase, designing new content and videos include just some of my tasks.

“As a budding concern, everybody works on everything. In fact, we even handle the ledger,” he explains. “One needs to be exceptionally quick in order to make calculated decisions, especially when running a growing company,” believes the man who uses the ‘Blitzkrieg’ method for fast feedback and correction.

Startup Story - Team, Box of Science
‘Box of Science’ Team

“Learning is vital part of being in a new field,” he emphasizes.

CEO After Hours
Parag admits that work is his hobby. An inventor at the core, he loves developing innovative products to be used by people so they can enhance their lives.
He confesses that he likes teaching and is passionate about furthering education
Reading, photography and sky-gazing are cherished hobbies.

The startup has reached scores of schools and educational institutions to promote the culture of Activity Based Education. The founder speaks of their operations sharing,“Last year was wonderful for us as we reached over 5000+ children in Pune alone.

“Now that we have been associated with over 20 schools, we are now expanding operations to cities like Indore, Bhubaneshwar, Kolkata, Delhi, Bengaluru and Hyderabad among others” he beams, signing off.


#Pune365 wishes Parag and Team Box of Science all success in the years ahead !

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