Startup Story #76: The Wash House – Shouvik Dey On Quality Laundry Services

Startup Story - The Wash House, Pune
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Shouvik Dey is the Founder of The Wash House, a pickup and delivery laundry service that seeks to offer clothes and shoes the professional touch. The startup is a blossoming concern having partnered with several online laundry currently operating in town. Finding a laundry service that could help you get your clothes clean is always useful, luckily you can find sites similar to that could aid with finding a laundromat near you.

Shouvik talks and walks us through a day in his life…

StartupStory - The Wash House
Shouvik Dey

“My day starts at 7am and I’m at the office by 8am making sure I’m the first one to enter,” he says genially. “The first thing I do is lay out plans for the day and share it with my team. Up next I run through my emails and settle down with a steaming cuppa tea.

“Later in the day is when I explore business opportunities and around midday is when we have another short team meeting. The second half of the day is when I travel to our processing unit. That’s where I meet with my partners and the rest of our team.”

Startup Essentials

The Wash House is a pickup and delivery laundry service that offers clothes the professional touch.
They have a special shoe spa facility that spruces the stains off your favourite shoes restoring them to their former glory.
With 2500 registered retail customers, the startup has catered to 15000+ orders till date.

Speaking of his core team Shouvik narrates, “Our core team consists of my partners Sriram, Sanal and myself. Sriram is from a business operations background with intense industry experience. He is our resident research and development expert who is always playing around with chemicals to improve upon our laundry quality,” he grins.

“Sanal on the other hand is from an IT background and mainly looks after most of the on-ground operations and IT. Coming from an IT background myself, I’m currently looking into business development and process optimization. But the best part is that we always back each other up to get the show running all the time.

CEO After Hours

Confessing that running a startup leaves barely any time for leisure, Shouvik admits that he enjoys clubbing.
Weekends are for going on long drives.
Listening to light music is another interest he takes seriously.

When quizzed about their company culture, Shouvik explained, “We have a very employee friendly culture in our company. At the same time we always put our customers first, which helps us deliver what we promise.

Currently a team of 15, the startup caters between 40 and 50 orders each day. “Apart from retail customers, we also cater to corporate guest houses and salons,” he adds.


StartupStory - The Wash House Team
The Wash House Team

Weekends at The Wash House are more hectic than weekdays. “We run on very heavy loads over the weekends. We work hard over the weekend so that our customers can relax and get fresh laundry,” beams the workaholic signing off.



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