Startup Story #75: LFG Cares – Bhushan And Rohit On Standardising Healthcare


Intent on improving the standard of healthcare in the city, Bhushan Bawiskar and Rohit Nandre founded LFG Cares. This hospital management company works to ensure hospitals offer patients great service affordably, with the best hospitality in a hygienic setting.

Bhushan the Co-founder and CEO of the enterprise talks to us about the budding startup and his role at its helm.

Founders Rohit Nandre and Bhushan Bawiskar

“I take care of business development and collaborations primarily,” says Bawiskar.

“Apart from this my duties involve handling marketing and sales as well as giving targets to team members and talking them through the execution process.

Startup Essentials
LFG Cares is Hospital Management Company that also acts as a Hospital and Healthcare Chain. They aim to standardise healthcare for everyone catering to every need of hospitals and healthcare institutions.
A clean hospital and well maintained equipment is their sole goal.
They strive to provide a great service to patients in reasonably priced rates.


He speaks of Rohit the Co-founder and COO revealing that they have been friends since childhood. We started LFG Cares one and a half years ago. He’s excellent in delivering services to our clients. His main duties involve customer relationship management and operations of the company. I on the other hand, take care of business strategies and design aspects of our next move.”

“At our core, we’re into hospital management and healthcare. At the moment we’re managing many hospitals in Pune. We really care about patients you see and believe they should get a great standard of health care in affordable rates,” says the founder as he introduces us to his core team.

Team LFG
The Core Team at LFG Cares

Pranil Kudale is in charge of Marketing, while Surabhi Misar heads HR. We have Prashik Gawai who is at the rudder of finance. He’s also our branding whiz!” shares Bhushan as he acquaints us with their mentor Gaurav Golwalkar.

Speaking of their prime aim at the startup, he says, “Our mission is to help our clients make lasting and sustainable improvements to their performance as a healthcare institution. We aim to help them build hospitals that attract, develop and retain exceptional people. In fact, all of us really support Pune-based entrepreneurs.

CEO After Hours
An athlete, Bhushan loves to play football.
He is a regular at trekking and often goes hiking with family and friends.
Reading is a cherished hobby.

I think we have a great startup ecosystem going in the city and we must work towards making Pune the best city for business.

Quiz him about the future goals of LFG Cares and he swiftly responds. “In the course of the next 12 months, we plan to launch our services in different cities of India.

Soon we are launching at Nagpur, Nashik, Mumbai and hopefully many more cities shall follow suit,” he grins signing off.


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