Startup Story #68: 3point14-The Pie Man And His Baking Enterprise


“The staple food in Australia and India varies greatly,” says Angad Marwah, a true blue foodie and Founder at 3Point14. “I was pretty shocked to see that nobody in town accepted the concept of savoury pies considering the huge market it has abroad.

“I love pies and they were my staple meal back in Australia during University. So I wanted pies to be my first venture after I quit my job managing Euriska,” shares the man who brought savoury Desi pies like Punjabi Chole, Desi Mutton and Veg Kolhapuri to Pune.

With a kitchen that is open 7 days a week, work for Angad begins by 10am and culminates at midnight. Pune’s premier Pie-Man walks us through a day in his life as a start-up founder.

“When I’m not baking pies, I’m answering client phone calls or settling the accounts and managing inventories,” reveals Angad.

“Chalking out the marketing plan, meeting with vendors and checking compliance with government regulations is also part of my job.

I’m also handling our presence on several online platforms to ensure 3point14 is the go-to place for pies in town,” says the man who is still setting up his core team as well as streamlining operations. “Learning the trade of cooking from my mother is vital to ensure the quality of bakes,” shares Angad speaking of wanting to entice the Indian palate by introducing desi flavours.

Startup Essentials
3Point14 seeks to transform your perceptions about dessert pies.
The outcome of a foodie family, 3Point14 is a pie heaven serving both sweet and savoury pies.
The kitchen plays around with Indian and conventional flavours to offer a menu of 20 savoury and 10 sweet pies.
They currently operate out of a secret kitchen doing purely deliveries.

“As a foodie, I developed recipes according to what I would want in a pie. Butter chicken is a classic and I’m a huge fan of my mother’s butter chicken. We added that to the menu after perfecting the pie base,” he explains adding that it took lots of trials at home to perfect every recipe.

CEO After Hours
Some Saturday nights see Angad catching up with friends over a drink.
Though hes often overloaded with work, a game of squash helps keep the athlete in him alive.
Being a secret kitchen, Angad spends weekends looking for visibility options in blogs, music festivals and even soccer leagues as practically anywhere a pie could fit in.

The conversation veers off to their famous ‘Chaat Pie’, as we speak of their menu creation process. It’s simple- Chaat is something we cannot resist no matter what,” grins Angad. “From North Indian Chloe to the Cafreal in Goa, we tried to cover as many flavours as possible but we didn’t leave out the staples like Lamb and Rosemary.

“If I make enough capital, I’d definitely start a store and wouldn’t hesitate even for a second,” muses Angad adding that he hopes to showcase Indian flavoured pies to travellers who merely see pies as their staple meal.

The entrepreneur adds that he allocates time each day for responding to reviews on social media and other interactive platforms.

“Other than the brand image, I also maintain the finances and stock up on inventory and check all the appliances, be it the billing machine or the oven!”

Ask him what goals he plans to hit next with 3Point14 and pat comes the response. “I’m setting goals in a quarterly manner. First off, I want to convince people that a pie can be a meal. Also, I would want to see everyone associate pies with 3point14.”

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