Startup Story #62: Vegan First- Founder Palak Mehta And Her Vegan Revolution

VF team at the Pune Vegan Fest 2017


An online media platform, Vegan First is the go-to place for vegan stories, products, recipes and videos. Founder Palak Mehta, planned the start-up as a portal that generates awareness, offering alternatives and support for vegans.

“If we can spend so much time on choosing the perfect dress, then why not spend a little time in making conscious choices and opting for cruelty-free products!” states Palak adding that the good news is there are a lot of substitutes available in the market today for those who wish to live a vegan lifestyle.

Why Vegan First?

“I turned vegan almost 3 years ago when I found out cows are ill-treated for milk, calves are taken away from their mothers immediately after birth. Silkworms are boiled alive for silk, homes of honey bees are wrecked for honey. I just couldn’t look at ‘food’ the same way again.

My spiritual Master Mohanji exposed me to veganism and I realized I wanted to spread veganism and alternatives regardless of being paid for it. This was the birth of Vegan First.”

“As any Director and Founder, I wear multiple hats depending on the priority and opportunity,” explains Palak taking us through a day in her life running Vegan First.

“I’m usually excited about my Mondays,” she beams adding that she starts her day with a green smoothie or a nut-milk chai. “Up next is a team meet where we analyse how our content and collaborations did the previous week,” shares Palak. “Then I touch base with my team, conducting quality checks and brainstorm new ideas.

I’m always learning and networking. Be it animal activists, dietary vegans,  NGOs running animal shelters, doctors advocating veganism or environmentalists. Being the first online media publishing portal in India we need to ensure the right information reaches our audience at all times.

“We are a closely-knit group of people in our 20’s and 30’s who embrace our differences. Everybody goes the extra mile when we really need to motor on and make our goals a reality. With a relaxed but professional work culture, Vegan First believes in working smart and partying cruelty-free. The portal that started with just two people has rapidly grown in the last two quarters. Palak reveals that they are now a team of eight where every member has unique talents to bring to the table.

Start-up Essentials

An online media publishing platform, Vegan First shares vegan stories, products, recipes and videos.

They cover vegan festivals and have experts offering support and advice by experts to beginners and businesses.

They respond to daily queries by new vegans, curious non-vegans and other vegan start-ups








Most Mondays see her putting in a few extra hours post office to enjoy the feeling of a productive day. The afternoon has her busy multi-tasking with operations, being available for clients, readers and the vegan community. “I also take on HR and admin duties and perform quality checks,” she expounds adding that responsibilities include keeping stakeholders in the loop and looking for fresh ideas.

CEO After Hours

Weekend thrills include a nice swim, watching sci-fi movies, volunteering and networking. Baking vegan goodies is a great stress buster for Palak.
Her guilty-pleasure is watching the show – The X Factor.
Professionally trained in painting and sculpting she deems art as the voice of God and feels completely enriched by it.

Life study (in clay) of a model by Palak Mehta

“I network, consult with experts and attend corporate meet ups on occasion, which is something I like about my role,” says she. “However, once I reach home, I like to unwind by cooking dinner.


Palak’s Spiritual Mentor Mohanji

I end my day with some good music and also love to star gaze on my balcony. Weekends are when I study, observe industry trends and local vegan news in India so I’m brimming with ideas to implement in the week ahead.

“In a start-up, one often can’t wait for perfection or stick to a rulebook. Execution to the best of one’s current ability is what really matters,” she explicates signing off.

Way to go Palak ! Pune365 takes this opportunity to wish Team Vegan First all success ahead !

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