Startup Story #35: Roots – Healthy Diets, Door Delivered

It was only natural for Ritika Mahtani to start Roots in Pune since she had always been health conscious thanks to her mother’s positive influence. Started about a year ago, Roots essentially home delivers healthy smoothies, granola by the jar, energy bites, salads, juices and detox plans. “I am from Spain and my mother runs a café there. She has been a big driving force behind this. Roots just happened after brainstorming and I took it one day at a time.”

Gradually, more people are becoming aware of the choices they make in their diet and lifestyle. Pune is a bustling city filled with younger people who take their health very seriously. Using local and natural produce, this young entrepreneur started off by just delivering smoothies around Koregaon Park and later expanded the number of products she makes. “People are so much more open to being healthy now. Pune is such a young city with lots of potential. People here are much more aware and everyone is doing something to be healthy,” says Ritika.

Serving a variety of superfoods, you can choose from delicious middle eastern salads to quinoa salads, energy bars, fruit smoothies and juices. For the young entrepreneur the tricky part was to get people to being open to having the green smoothie, “Lot’s of people think that a green smoothie would have a really nasty taste but my focus also lies on bringing out the flavours of the fruits I use. I am very particular about my ingredients so I use acai powder and goji berries in some of the food. This is all natural and organic.”


So far, the response to Roots has been enthusiastic, “The granola-based items have been a huge hit! I have got people coming back for the detox plans as well. Out here, people really appreciate food that is healthy and tastes good,” mentions Ritika.

The future of Roots, says Ritika, lies in its impact to make people more health conscious, “I keep customising the food as per the customer’s need.

If someone is diabetic or following a specific diet then I will make the product accordingly. I just want to push for this and go with the flow.”

Vijayta Lalwani

Vijayta Lalwani

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Vijayta Lalwani