Startup Story #34: Quench – Your Brand in a Bottle!

Consumers are bombarded with advertisements in print, television, digital media, hoardings and more, yet many brands aren’t able to captivate the consumer’s mind. Leveraging this, Sakina Wagh and Mokhtar Yaveri conceptualised a unique way of targeting people with the most basic need of every living being on earth – water. They started Quench in July 2013 with the aim to help brands communicate with consumers through water, a necessity in everyone’s life.

They launched Quench with the aim to help brands communicate with consumers through water, a basic necessity in everyone’s life.

Mokhtar Yaveri and Sakina Wagh

The idea of Quench was selected by Dream:In, an innovation platform and creative incubator. As part of this, the founders were trained and mentored to turn their idea into reality. “We went through an incubation period where we worked on our financial charts and marketing strategies. We came back with all our research work and launched Quench,” says Sakina. Since this is a customised bottle water venture, the challenges for them were not only in producing a smaller number of labels but also in convincing people to believe in their concept, “Initially, we were thinking about setting up our own water plant but that would mean getting into a lot of production hassles. Our core lies in marketing. Now, we have a tie up with a water plant. Secondly, not everyone wants a high volume of labels. We needed to come up with a solution for printing smaller numbers. We had to convince people to get out of the conventional mode of advertising.”

The whole concept of Quench revolves around water, explains Mokhtar, who cites that water generates a sense of goodwill and the time spent on a bottle impacts the customer quickly while creating a sense of value, “In a country like India, water is the first thing that is offered to people when you’re in their home. It is an important part of Indian culture.”

Brand in a bottle

The clientele for Quench includes hotels, restaurants, builders, showrooms and weddings on a one off basis. Surprisingly, their clients also include dentists, who feel that the impact made by the branded bottled water on their patients is quick and effective. The bottles are available in different quantities from 200ml, 500ml 1 litre and 20 litre jars. The pricing depends upon the quantity and size of the bottles. If you are currently thinking that this is a market without many customers, companies and businesses are inundated with strategies to gain consumer interest, many of which are also heavily saturated and used – meaning it can be hard to get above the competition without using the more “out-of-the-box” ideas such as Custom Water labels and more.

With just four members in the team, Quench sees itself expanding Pan-India in phases but also targeting cities like Nashik, Nagpur and Ahmednagar, eventually moving on to tier one cities. “People are much more open to these ideas in metro cities. We have clients in Mumbai who do not mind spending a little extra on transport. We also hope that in future we can come up with an alternative to plastic that is environmentally sustainable,” adds Sakina.

Sharing advice to budding entrepreneurs in the city, both founders’ stress that entrepreneurship is not as easy as it seems, “It’s about fulfilling and enriching, yet you have to be practical and not get too attached to the idea. You need to know when to take the step to stop it and move on. As beginners, you tend to trust anyone but you must know that you shouldn’t take business where it comes from, choose the right people to sell your work to. As beginners, you tend to trust anyone but you must know that you shouldn’t take business where it comes from and chose the right people to sell your work to.”

Vijayta Lalwani

Vijayta Lalwani

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Vijayta Lalwani