#SpecialLadiesBus- Will Pune’s Women Opt For Public Transport Now?

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The Pune Mahanagar Parivahan Mahamandal (PMPML), proposed to launch the “Special Ladies buses” from March 2018. Approximately, 30-40 non-ac all lady, midi-buses will be on the roads, beginning March 8, 2018 on the occasion of The International Women’s Day.

An initiative like this was in fact launched in 2008 and 2012, but the response were not encouraging.  Eventually, PMPML decided to wind up the service. Keeping women’s security in mind, (State budget 2016-17) the government granted 50 crores, to five cities of Maharashtra including Pune for the development of Intra city transport system.

According to a recent report, PMPML are unable to find credible suppliers for these buses, despite the funds being in place.  Also, the budgetary allocation must be utilised before March end or refunded
to the state.

Will this third initiative end up being successful?

Will city ladies opt to use these special lady buses, and if so, what are their specific requirements for this service? Pune365 hit the streets to take the opinion of city commuters on the proposed Lady bus initiative:

Vandana Batama says, “ I am a resident of Pune staying in Mundhwa.The initiative is really nice as the frequency of buses in mundhwa is very low, also the condition of teh existing PMPML buses are really bad.The only requirement a lady bus should have is to be safe and on time.

I won’t mind if I have no place to sit. Safety is important to me over comfort.

Sagar Ganate says, “ I’ll certainly prefer to have my mother and sister and their lady friends travel in these lady buses. Buses like these are exclusively for ladies, so they will be more secure, and the seating will be comfortable.

There will be no pushing and eve teasing on these buses. A lady conductor will make it even better.”

Pratiksha Ganesh(Student) says, I would not just rely on lady buses for my traveling, I’ll prefer any bus that comes on time.The lady bus should have at least place to sit and should not be over stuffed.

“Buses like these are a great initiative. Often in the regular buses, there are fights thanks to men occupying the seats reserved for women.

I think buses for men and women should be different keeping comfort of both in mind. The frequency should be high, keeping in mind women who work at malls and late into the night says, Sonam Valnathrandwe

Sunil Anmol says,“ personally,  I don’t this this is a sensible initiative.

Women will perceive themselves as weak and may have an issue later when they are forced to travel in the regular buses with men.

As it is, most men are wary of being blamed for accidental contact as commuters etc  This will only increase I feel. The government should make better use of these funds and improve the existing PMPML buses.


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