Some One-Night Stands Have Fairy Tale Endings

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A one-night stand means exactly that – have casual sex with no strings attached and then forget all about it the next day. But not all one-night stands end like that and there are some fairy-tale too. Here are some wonderful tales from Puneites where their one-night stand turned out to be a love story.

Newlywed couple Anukruti and Ranvijay Mehta, revealed how their whole affair turned out good for them.

Says Ankruti, “I am a wanderer and I love to explore new places alone and I remember travelling to Manali without anyone. So it happened that I lost my phone and Ranvijay was standing near the reception, phone in hand. I approached him and asked if I could make a call from his phone to which he agreed.

“Since he was also travelling alone, I asked him to join me for dinner. We did that and had some wine along with it too. The we got back to our room had some more wine. Both of us were too sloshed to realise what happened next.

“The next thing we knew was we were making love. I left his room early in the morning and then began to feet something for him. Later we went together for sightseeing and exchanged numbers. He too felt something for me too but we did not open up about that. However, we went on trips together and constantly chatted on social media and stayed connected,” she added.

“And after a year she proposed to me first, since I am the dumb one. I quickly agreed,” says Ranvijay. “I was in love with her simplicity from the very first time we went for dinner. That one-night stand led to a successful seven years of relationship and now we are happily married ever after,” he added.

“My boyfriend and I met at a friend’s birthday party,” says Sanya Shaikh, Choreographer. “My friend Akhil introduced me to him and we started talking to each other. He bought me a drink and we danced for a while and later I went to his house for a sleepover but not with the intention of having sex. However, we did. It was wonderful to be with him that night. The next morning I woke up to some balloons in the room with a nicely made breakfast and coffee which had I love you written with tomato ketchup.

“I wasn’t too sure of him then, as a one-night can’t decided anything. We went out for a couple of dates and since then we have been together,” she added.

Sanya’s boyfriend said, “She was my crush over the last two years. The meeting was not planned. Her visit to my house was unplanned too. The only thing I did was set up a nice breakfast with the works for her so that she would be impressed.”

Tushar Luthra, Software Developer, reveals his story. “It was my brother’s wedding. She was my bhabhi’s sister. We knew each other like ladkewale and ladkiwale but not personally until the cocktail party.

“I remember it was the sangeet night and everyone was high on drinks and we both started talking at the bar counter. Saanvi was completely sloshed. I offered her help to reach her room and one thing led to another.

Tushar further adds, “The next morning I was so scared that I ran out of her room. The next evening we met and she was okay, happily pretending as if nothing had happened. I was already attracted to Saanvi and didn’t want her to go. But I didn’t say anything that time.

“After several months we met again and then I knew I had to tell her because now it was her turn to get married after her sister. I proposed and she said yes! We have been together over the past three years and we will be married soon,” he added.



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