A Solo Art Show

Attend an exhibition of abstract paintings and drawings by Flavius Valone Pisapia, an Italian national born in Romania. He is currently based in India where he focuses on art full-time. Flavius is a contemporary artist creating non-figurative drawings , paintings and sculptures. Here, he exhibits large oil paintings on canvas and mixed media drawings on paper and would also be showing sculpture models available on commission in bronze.

Flavius draws inspiration from the natural world through a process of observation, creative inquiry and perception at a deeper level. This process allows getting to know the being of the object in question, and how it manifests in nature. The resulting non figurative work of art is a closer representation of the object, than its mere concept or outer appearance. He works with the essence rather than appearance. The artist consciously incorporates the same elements that make a figurative piece of art ,i.e. planes, curves, edges, lines, transitions etc, into his artwork. He believes that those who have gained access to nature’s secrets can try to give it a new direction. His task is to get to know nature and free it from its limitations, thus creating new ways to express itself through a work of art.

Flavius holds an MA in Transpersonal Arts from City & Guilds of London.

The show will preview on Jan 8, from 5 pm to 9 pm.

When : Jan 8 to Jan 21, 11 am to 7 pm.

Where :Art Mandala, Vidya- Vilas , Parkhe Trust House , 1183 FC Road , Shivaji Nagar ,HDFC Bank Lane , Opp Lalit Mahal Hotel , Pune 411 005.

Call : +91 77200 46587.