Social Media And Peer Pressure Can Render You Irrational

Social Media - Peer Pressure
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The pressure to fit in and lead the perfect Instagram life has become the norm with the millennials and the younger generation.

In an attempt to achieve social validation and portray the picture-perfect life, most people have started driving their social profiles into an illusionary and make believe world, all in the hope to gain more followers and likes. However, that’s not really necessary when you use the best growth service for your Instagram. By using a growth service, Instagram followers can blow up overnight, easing the pressure society puts on us to be popular.

All for what you may ask? The answer is simple though; Only to ‘showcase’ how flawless their life is and more so, in relation to their peers and the world around them.

“For the past year, I am repaying a loan I took to go on a solo trip to Paris only because I saw everyone on my social profile gloating about their vacations photos. And, solo trips where a ‘thing’ too,” shares Meghana Rai, 27.

“Although I enjoyed every bit of the trip, a well planned itinerary and a budget plan would have made it much easier for me, rather than such an impulsive trip.

I could have saved on all the interest money and possibly travelled a lot with that. Looking back, even a short trip to Kashmir or Dalhousie would have saved my social image without hurting my finances for the next couple of years,” Meghana confessed.

For this lifestyle and fashion blogger, Sakshi Kashyap, 24, ‘Living on social media’ would be an understatement to make.

“I literary eat and sleep on social media. I have to post ever minute detail of my existence on the gram since I am addicted!

Some may think that shopping a lot is what all bloggers do, but, impulsive buying is the biggest mistake one can commit.

Seeing people flaunt a high-end luxury brand on their profiles invariably leads you to buying one for yourself. And all this happens when you have just about enough to buy yourself a good meal.

Yes, I have done that too and whenever I look at that bag, (barely taken out of the closet), I cringe on my social media existence,” sighs Sakshi.

“Posting every minute detail on social media is no big deal today, but, I did go overboard with my PDA (Public Display Of Affection) and that backfired after we broke up,” giggles Gagandeep Nandra, 25.

“Ya, after spamming everyone with millions of couple photos with my ‘bae’ I was at the receiving end of embarrassing questions like, ‘bhai breakup hogaya?’ after I stopped posting pictures. Yes, ‘breakup hogaya tha’,” adds Gagandeep.

From pleading with your parents to buy something that you desire to getting rebellious and more, 19 year old Raghav Panchamiya, has done all this and repents now.

“I regret saying this, but, getting a smart phone when I was 16 was no big deal. Everyone in my school had it. I even pleaded with my parents to get me one but they declined.

Soon, I started taking cash from my parent’s wallets till I had enough to buy a decent cellphone. I would carry my phone to the school and tuitions and used it at home only when I was sure no one would spot it.

Eventually, I had to introspect and ask myself whether I was doing he right thing by deceiving my own parents just to buy something I wanted,” says Raghav signing off.


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