So, What’s Your Number?


The start of 2018 sees people taking a stock of their lives. Some pen down new experiences in new diaries while others update their little black book…

A trusted pal for singles across the world, the notorious black book is infamous for holding torrid details of one’s love life. It gives you numbers and details of one’s amorous activities and significant others. Shunning taboo, these Puneites peek into their LBB and tell is what their number is.

“Jotting down the number of your conquests is more than a little demeaning to the fairer sex,” squirms Abhijeet Jaiswal who is 28 and a DJ.

But if you asked me, I would say that my number was 7 at Christmas, but is shooting north fast.

Ashwin V. K, a tax accountant smirks brandishing his little black book. Though he refuses to reveal his magic number, the voluminous pages indicate that the 34 year-old’s list is a long one.

Keeping track of ladies is not merely for the sake of the game, but a real necessity today. In a world of swiftly switching partners, one does need insurance should you get an STD.

“Then it is to the black book and call after call to woman after woman till you figure out who you contracted it from. It sounds harsh, but is the sad reality of today.”

“Girls don’t kiss and tell,” quips Vidisha Lacca. “What I will share, is my number of significant others. I’ve gone out with 11 gents, but I may or may not have hit the sack with them all,” shares the 22 year old medical student.

Vikalp Manral is 24 and all too eager to share his number and impart some wisdom to amateurs hitting local watering holes.

I moved into the double digits last New Year’s Eve. Perhaps one-night stands have been somewhat of a trend this holiday season!

“The trick is in the approach,” says the young entrepreneur. “You want to come off confident and as though you’re really looking for a long term relationship. Tell her you want to be friends first and she may just jump your bones. Reverse psychology works like a charm.”

Kripa Goyal sees no harm sharing her torrid saga. “Everyone has a number, what’s the taboo about?

We’re not living in old Britan when the king had to grant permission to fornicate. My number is 3 and I’m not looking to inflate it.

“SRK had it right in Dear Zindagi. Choosing a life partner is way more important than picking out the perfect chair. You simply cannot decide without a bit of trial and error,” she completes with finality.


#The views expressed in this article are those of the individual respondents ( names changed for reasons of privacy) and Pune365 does not necessarily subscribe to them. 

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