Sleeping With Contact Lenses May Damage Your Cornea

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Were you aware that the contact lens you use can turn harmful if you wear them overnight?

A recent study indicates that sleeping with contact lenses can increase the risk of eye infections. Contact lenses suffocate the eyes and block them from oxygen, saline and good nutrition which are essential for a healthy cornea. Procedures like icl surgery are the only way to ensure that contact lens are safe and secure in the eyelid, which is why it’s a popular treatment.

Eyes are the most delicate organ of our body and lack of oxygen can render the eye balls prone to bacteria. This bacteria weakens the defence system in the eye which can then lead to the formation of holes on the surface of the cornea.

Pune365 speaks to experts and citizens on their use of contact lense, and problems related to the usage.

Dr Savita Bhat, Senior Ophthalmologist & Glaucoma Specialist speaking to Pune365 said “though the Climate we live in is high in dust, there is really no harm in wearing contact lenses and they’re safe.

It finally depends on the user as to how well they maintain their contact lenses. Use of a contact lens can turn harmful depending on the individuals manner of use and care.

A contact lens is placed directly on the cornea (black surface) of the eye, which needs lubrication as the oxygen source of the eye is blocked by the lens. Lens solution works as the lubricant.

Good oxygen supply is extremely essential for healthy eyes, which is why sleeping with contact lenses can lead to serious eye infections.

The risk of infection can be simply be reduced by following the instructions given by their doctors, replacing lenses time to time. Lens solution also plays an important role when you opt for a lens, it is a solution that helps you clean the lens and lubricate them. So changing the solution timely when the lens is not in use is essential.

Cleaning the lens case with the solution is also important. Avoid over-wearing the lens and ensure that you replace them as directed by your doctor.

The longer the lens remains unchanged, the more are the chances of affecting the cornea.

Lastly, ensure that you regularly see your Ophthalmologist while you are wearing contact lenses as the eye specialist is the right person to inform you about any problem in advance, before it ends up damaging the eye.

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Akshay Mishra, Baker says, Contact lenses are easy to carry and creates a good impression as compared to spectacles.

I have been using contact lenses for years now, but, when you are using contact lenses through the day, extra care is required to keep them safe and good to use.

Specialists recommended that contact lens should not be worn for more than 6 hours and no normal water to be splashed on the face while wearing a lense. I know for a fact that red-eye, irritation and and eye infections are all possible if you don’t take instructions seriously.

Avnita Karale, Marketing executive says, “I have often slept with my contact lens in the afternoon, the night and also while travelling.

It is dangerous because the lens get dry after 6 hours. Experts recommend removing contact lenses while sleeping.

Also I am very conscious about the need to clean the lens and lens case regularly and this has saved me from eye-infections.

A cornea specialist has always advised me to ensure I change the lens solution regularly and avoid wearing the lens while swimming, biking or standing near a barbecue.

Jigar Malhotra, Entrepreneur says, Lenses nowadays are not only restricted to clear vision and i wear coloured contact lenses without power.

Everyone knows that eye is a delicate organ and needs extra care especially when an individual is using a contact lens.


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