It’s Simple, Girls just want to have fun

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  International Women’s Day Special

Girls just want to have fun…

Dear Men, have you ever wondered what women do on a ladies’ night out?

I am sure that you think that they’re talking about you or all things girly. But that may not be the case or so we figured…

To unravel this mystery, Pune 365 spoke to women from all walks of life about what they do on a night out. We got a few really surprising answers.

Sneha Kulkarni, 22, reveals, “My friends and I mostly go clubbing on our night outs. This might be racy but on some nights, we pretend to be lesbians in the club. It is fun to see how people get startled. We have a good laugh about it for the days to follow.”

Rimmi Singh, 42, has a different story to tell. “At this stage of life, the definition of enjoyment changes. My gang don’t like to stay out at night because we end up feeling sleepy !

“But, we do have late night conversations at a friend’s place, about our families, kids and how life would have been if we had taken a few decisions differently. Sometimes, we just chuckle at the relationships we had before our marriage. And, how to lose weight is always a hot topic. The funny thing is that we discuss fitness while snacking on greasy food.”

“I am a very open minded person,” says Sayali Basudkar, 30 – “I am glad that my friends are like minded too. On special occasions, we girls gather for a dinner, then crash at one of our friends place and get sloshed. People may judge us for this but, we are adults and know what we are doing. Anyway, everyone’s way of having fun is different.”

“A lot of people feel that women gossip about men,” Sameera Gole, 28, reveals – “With my group, this is not the case. Contrary to a woman’s image, we do not gossip at all. And, we are quite open to discussing everything including our sex lives. We discuss our dreams, careers, experiencing new things and what experiences have shaped us. If I may say, my circle is intellectual.”

Sakshi Arora

Sakshi Arora

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Sakshi Arora