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Going organic with products that are safe for us, has been trending all over the internet for a long time.. When most people think of going organic, they only think of eating food that is chemical and pesticide free.

We can adapt to an organic lifestyle, be it for grooming products, toiletries, salon and spa treatments and much more. More than helping the environment, we help ourselves in the long run..

“I have always been a keen observer and often noted the humongous increase in the amount of fertilizers and pesticides used on agriculture produce, leading to various health issues,” says Nilesh Palresha.

“Keeping this in mind we realized the needs to have an alternate solution to this problem; This gave birth to our venture, EarthFood. Producing our own vegetables that are completely residue free and are healthier helps cuts the risk of obesity, blood pressure and other related issues.

The produce is grown naturally and in an eco-friendly way. The use of a healthy mix of traditional methods and innovation helps to keep pollution and wastage to a minimum,” he adds.

Coffee, henna and tea leaves can be used as natural hair dyes.

Red lentils and orange peels mask help to tighten the skin.

Almond oil is effective for soothing, softening and reconditioning skin.

Cream (malai) and beeswax works wonders as a skin moisturiser.

Cayenne pepper stimulates blood flow and encourages hair growth.

Use baking soda to promote digestive health, reduce acidity in the body and as a mouth wash for oral health.

“The major disadvantage associated with the use of fertilizers is the depletion of the nutritional value of the product and thus creating a hazardous impact on the consumers of the product. This has been a primary reason for the people to shift to residue free food,” he adds.

The latest development in the organic scene is the use of organic, chemical free products at spas and salons. Orrganic Elemennt is one such spa in Pune that is India’s first all organic, vegan and cruelty free spa that encourages an organic lifestyle.

The products and treatments are created using plant derivatives without the use pesticides, or other artificial chemicals.


Adding to this, Aniket Motale, a sustainability educator and Co-founder of EcoUniv for Sustainability education, shares his experience on going organic.

Aniket Motale

“Going organic is not a craze or trend, it’s absolutely normal,” he says. “Some people who research, dig out more information on food products brought to us, research on the process how they are produced and put forward facts.

With more and more awareness amongst consumers, producers will eventually change and will turn to more sustainable products and producing practices,” he adds.

Replace toxic utensil cleaners with safer powder made up of – Shikhakai, Reeha, Baking soda.

Use lemon peels and tamarind along with that.

Replace toxic floor cleaners with Vinegar and essential oil etc.

Dip a cotton ball in lavender oil and keep in the room and forget your mosquito repellents forever. Splits it on your pillow for a good, stress free sleep.

Sandalwood is used as an antiseptic to treat wounds and to aid childbirth recovery. It can be used as a muscle relaxant and massage, improving circulation.

Speaking about the need to adopt an organic lifestyle he adds, “India is a densely populated country and the impact of all kinds of pollutants is huge, when it comes to people’s health.

Stopping this at source by consciously avoiding the  use of such chemicals through these products is the key,” he explains.

“By going organic, we don’t just help Mother Earth, we help ourselves. Existence of all life forms on earth is important for us humans.

We save ourselves, when we go organic. We persuade more farmers to grow organically, saving lives around us and helping humanity,” he adds.



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