The Shamshers Cant Imagine Life Without Sherkhan

Sherkhan with Sarika Shamsher
Sherkhan looks down from the balcony, focussed only on the new entrant in their lane. Somebody he barked away just last evening but who continues to be seen. He doesn’t like it. He doesnt bark, but perhaps plans his next verbal volley when he confronts the silly intruder on his next walk.
He walks in to look for mom Sarika Shamsher. Thankfully she is exactly in the same place he left her – in the kitchen. “He is my shadow. He doesn’t leave me alone for a minute,” smiles Sarika, a teacher at Sapling, a pre-school, of the youngest member in her family. And then its time for dad Mohan Shamsher, AVP- recruitment, Techmahindra, to come home. Sherkhan is at the door with his big floppy ears, wagging his tail, his face lights up and we know Mohan is back.
“Mohan is Sherkhan’s alpha, and on his part, Mohan is so involved with everything Sherkhan does.
Mohan won’t let us bathe him, every time he goes out, he is looking for things for Sherkhan. Both love each other a whole lot. “
A Dog Is A Must
You receive unconditional, selfless love in abundance
You become so much more patient, compassionate.
One hug from your dog melts away all the stress
You come home to the most loving welcome
You rediscover the child within you that gets lost somewhere in the hustle bustle of your life.
The Puppy Arrives
The idea of getting a dog germinated from The Shamshe’s younger son Siddharth’s frequent request to get one. He was always very clear that the family would adopt. Brought home in February this year from an adoption camp, the family saw Sherkhan sitting quietly in a corner at the camp, while all the other pups were playing, running, jumping. The Shamshers thought he was a quiet baby and decide to adopt him. The quietness lasted for a day. “He transformed into a playful puppy and a very loving family member,” ads Sarika.
The very different part of Sherkhan are his eyes – yellow normally, they become black when he gets excited.
The family can’t imagine being without him. “When he sees me getting ready for work, his puppy face comes on, and he watches me. Earlier, I used to feel terrible, but not anymore. Friendly with humans, with other dogs he is a big gunda. For all of us he is the biggest stress buster,” she adds. Sons Siddharth and Kartik are only too happy to play and chill with the baby in the house.
The Habits
Not scared of anything, Sherkhan is perturbed with vehicles whizzing by on his walks. Otherwise, there is nothing he gets fazed about. A fusspot when it comes to food, he needs Sarika to serve him. He won’t eat egg, no rice.
He loves socks. “He has learnt to open the sock drawer and left us all with a lot of single socks! Right from the time he was a puppy, he enjoyed wrecking my plants. So no plants at home. Apart from that he doesn’t destroy anything,” sighs Sarika.
Every night when he sees its time for the humans to turn in, before they can, Sherkhan is sprawled right across the middle!
Not fond of getting photographed, the naughty boy looks in all directions except at the camera. And when he gets angry, he retires to a corner.
 So life has changed for the Shamshers but that’s a small price to pay for a family member who is full of love and joy!
Uma Karve Chakranarayan

Uma Karve Chakranarayan

Uma Karve Chakranarayan is editor and publisher of Tell Tail, Pune’s only petzine and partner, Petsworld, a pet food and accessories store. ’Furholics’ appears every Saturday on Pune365.
Uma Karve Chakranarayan