Sex And Intimacy Not Taboo – Orient Your Children Now

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With the increasing number of incidents of child abuse in the city, It is about time that parents focus on open communication and orientation of their children.

Parents play an important role in the growth, development and sexual understanding of their children. Being curious about sex is natural, as it helps teenagers to understand their body and helps them feel positive about themselves.

Experts opine that discussing sex is also part of starting open communication with your child. Early, honest, and open communication between parents and kids is suggested, especially when your child becomes an adolescent.

The open communication is key to understand your child well, kids are more likely to speak with parents about all the other trials of adolescence, such as depression, relationships, and the abuse of drugs and alcohol, as well as sexual issues.

A City psychologist opines, “Just because you’re not talking about it, doesn’t mean they are not talking about it. Isn’t it better that you talk to them about it rather than they learning it from the wrong channel?”

“While speaking to your child, remember every parent know their child best, timing is important. Go with your child’s understanding and your instinct. In case you sense embarrassment, don�t talk about it. Bring it up at a later date when he/she is comfortable talking about it,” she adds.

�I have 12 year old son and I do orient him on understanding intimacy as well the the biological changes he feels in his body�, says Rakhi Deshpande, housewife.

�With an increase in number of cases of child abuse in the country, it is important that we educate our children for better good. Many time it becomes awkward to answer his questions, but then I link them with science and make him understand that sex is a natural process.� She adds.

Although Fayaz Ansari father of a sixteen year old girl says,

I don�t need to explain anything to them, fathers don�t talk to their daughters about sex or menstruation.

�It is important to educate them to understand the natural process to avoid issues later�, says Prasad Deshpande, businessman

�Having a boy/girlfriend, getting your heart broken and having a physical relationship, requires mental maturity which teens rarely possess.

I have two daughters and I discuss the risk of unprotected sex, STDs and the reality of unwanted pregnancy, also tell them how condoms aren�t 100% safe.

“Forget sex! I cant even tell my parents i have female friends in college,”says Rohan Sakpal, student. I think this is a major problem with Indian Parents when the relationship still prevents us from having open conversations. Let’s face facts here. When you get to that age, you’re going to be looking up various VigRX Plus reviews and testimonials to see how you and your partner can get intimate. Parents. Face the facts.

Sex has become a taboo in our society that just saying the word is enough to get a staredown. My mom even forgets that “sex” refers to gender too!

According to my mom, I will only be mature the day I get married”. He adds.


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