Scenic Suryamal – A Hidden Gem For The Adventurous

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Maharashtra is a state that has ample places to pay a visit to, enjoy a day out, relish the pleasures of the nature around, witness the scenic views or enjoy camping under the stars, go for a mountain hike or just trek to the hilltops.

Suryamal is yet another hidden and underrated gem which nestles in Maharashtra that is appropriate for a quick weekend getaway or a family day out.

A perfect picnic spot, this lesser explored hill station is situated in the Thane district of Maharashtra (Mokhada taluka) and is approximately 264 km from Pune and 120 km from Mumbai.

Suryamal Peak
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Suryamal village paints a perfect picture of a quaint Indian village, brimming with local culture and untouched by urbanisation. Surrounded by some of the most majestic hills and bounty of lush green hot spots, it is the ideal place to enjoy what is left of the winter. The place can be visited any time of the year too due to its consistent moderate climate.

Suryamal Peak is also the tallest around the region giving the adventure geek a challenge to conquer it. A major population that visits from the city are mostly those who seek to travel new places concealed around the city. Trekking, mountain climbing, waterfall rappelling, and night camping are among the popular things to do here.

Suryamal - Trekking
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One can trek or bike up the mountains to get a bird’s eye view of the city of dreams and the nearby topography providing many unexplored hills to conquer.

Although, monsoons are breathtaking wherever you roam in Maharashtra, trekking at Suryamal can be a risky job for first timers and amateur hikers.

The nearest town to Suryamal is the toy-train town, Matheran. Other places like Jawhar, Birwadi, Trimbak can also be visited.

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Other attractions here include the Mountain Range wild camp resort, Dr. Lajpatrai Mehra’s Neuropathy Centre, the Amala Wildlife Sanctuary that attracts a fleet of migratory birds that are rare and beautiful and houses several rare species of flora as well. The view from the top, near the Deobandh Temple (dedicated to Lord Ganesha), is nothing short of spectacular.

The best way to reach is by road via Igatpuri. Igatpuri railway station is the nearest from the town from where one can drive down or simply take public transport or hire a private vehicle. The nearest airport is the Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, Mumbai. Expect food that is greasy, fried and spicy. Leaving without having the local Misal, Bhakri and Vadas would be a big mistake.

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