Scanning the Horizon, A Book Release

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Madhuri ShethGyaan Adab celebrates the publication of Madhuri Sheth’s autobiography, Scanning The Horizon, which movingly recalls an exciting personal and public life which spans more than eighty years. The event will include an inspirational talk by the author, readings from the book, an interview and a Q & A. The book has been published by The Mentorship Programme.

The Mentorship Programme honours Madhuri Sheth and recognises her national and international contribution to public and professional life, enriched by the spirit of traditional Indian values and beliefs. Sheth has risen from the tumultuous challenges of The Partition and forged a valuable life of her own with fortitude and dignity.

When : May 18, 5.30 pm

Where : Gyaan Adab, Kalyani Nagar

Call : +91 96071 74747

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