Samata Vidyalaya FTE Block Project at Urali Devachi

Poona Round Table 15 handed over Sane Guruji’s Samata Vidyalaya FTE Block Project at Urali Devachi Pune District on June 25.

The school was identified around Nov 2015 and meetings with the trustees and management revealed that there was a requirement of five additional classrooms for the 300 new students to be enrolled .

To save time and cut costs, it was decided that the classrooms would be built on the first floor of the existing FTE Block that was constructed in 2003-2004. With support from Prashant Bamb, a fundraiser ‘Sorabh Pant Comedy Night’ was organised and Rs 25 lakh was raised.

The bricklaying ceremony took place on April 23 and the project was completed in record time. The FTE block was inaugurated on June 25 by Suman Voora in the presence of Sanjay Mathrani, Romel Bhog, Area 3 Chairman Hitesh Kering, Karan Geehani, Masood Khajenoori, Poona Round Table 15 Chairman Abhishek More, Tablers from PRRT 105; the entire Board, projects team, few Tablers and twinklers of Poona Round Table.

The highlights of the project are :

• Vastu compliant construction ensuring cross ventilation and natural light in the classrooms.
• Well insulated false ceiling with gypsum, galvanised sheets and mangalore tiles, keeping the classrooms cooler.
• LED light fittings and Le-grand switches in all classrooms and passages.
• Special Snowcem’s Sandtex Matt exterior all weather paint.
• 5.5 feet wide passages and staircase for comfortable entry and exit.
• Powder coated aluminium sliding windows.
• Artistic graffiti work in the passages.

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