Sahyadri Hospital Marks World Cancer Day

World Cancer Day
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Sahyadri Super Speciality Hospital Hadapsar organised a host of activities to commemorate World Cancer Day on February 4 and salute survivors and caregivers, while also dispelling a number of myths shrouding the disease.

During the cancer awareness programme, Dr. Shona Nag, Director-Oncology, Sahyadri Hospitals spoke on newer advances in cancer treatments while Psychologist Rebecca D’souza and Nutritionist Preeti Bhakta shared information on adopting a healthy lifestyle and nutrition. Cancer patients and their family members also came forth and shared their experiences. A cancer screening camp at concessional rates will also be conducted for the entire month.

Highlighting the lack of awareness, Dr. Nag emphasised, “It is estimated that one in 8-9 Indians will get cancer during their lifetime if they live to be 70 or above. The truth is, cancer amongst Indians is preventable if only we are more aware of our bodies and moderate with our habits.

“Urbanisation is the foremost reason for the wide spread of this disease. Western habits such as the consumption of food with preservatives, increased pollution and stress levels, and a sedentary lifestyle – all are to blame.

“The major areas of concern are breast cancer amongst women and lung cancer amongst men. About 90% of lung cancer in Indians springs from the use of smoking and tobacco. In the case of breast cancer, preventive measures such as a clinical breast examination by a professional is essential once a year after the age of 30. Get a digital mammogram done every year once you cross 50. We’ve always been chasing the cure, rather than prevention, and its high time we reverse the scales,” concludes disease.