Russia, Malaysia To Participate In The First ‘Innompic Games’ In Pune

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In an effort to promote innovation and creativity amongst youth worldwide, the Science and Technology Park, Pune along with the Indian Science and Technology Entrepreneurs Parks, Business Incubator Association (ISBA) and College of Engineering Pune (CoEP) is organising the first ever ‘Innompic Games’ that will be held in Pune between September 15 and 18.

“If we can have the Olympics for sports, then why can’t we have the Innompics for intellectuals and disruptive thinkers? This will help such people come up with innovations and solutions for problems we face today. We are proud that India is the first host of this,” said Dr Rajendra Jagdale, Chairman, Innompic Organising Committee, Director General of Science and Technology Park, Pune and President, ISBA, during a press conference held in the city.

Since this is the first of its kind, there will only be four participating teams – two from India and one from Russia and Malaysia each. There will be a maximum of ten members in each team. One team from India will comprise of selected ISBA members while the other team will consist of international students in India from various countries like Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Bhutan, Nepal, Tanzania, Uganda among many more.

“Around 23 countries showed interest. We’ve kept it limited but next year it will be open to everyone. The actual event is on September 17 and 18 but two days prior to that, the teams will be mentored and trained by innovation gurus so that they participate on an equal platform.

There are four different challenges in the competition out of which we have already revealed two to the teams. The first is a challenge on how to create the world’s best innovation city. Secondly, we want to make sure that by the third Innompics in 2019, we’re able to gather one billion spectators. The challenge will be on how we can involve these one billion people from across the globe. The third and fourth challenges are surprise ones which could be based on anything,” adds Dr Jagdale.

The teams will be allowed to provide a solution in any presentable manner like a performance, a sculpture, a painting or in any other innovative way. The solution of one team can be challenged by the other. There will be a specific focus on the best marketable solution. “We will provide the initial seed capital of three million dollars per business idea that can be commercialised. It could be a social innovation or a business enterprise.

The jury will comprise of people from Russia, New Zealand, Malaysia and India.”

Vijayta Lalwani

Vijayta Lalwani

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Vijayta Lalwani