Royal Kitchens Of India – Truly Indian, Truly Unique !


Here’s your chance to taste the finger-licking signature dishes of India’s princely states! These exquisite recipes have been passed on from the royal cooks of the ‘Gharana’, only to be brought back by experienced chefs to give you a taste of royalty.

Pune365 visits the royal kitchens and curates from the star attractions on their menu:

Veg Galouti: Even the most committed  non-vegetarian will be spoilt for choice here, with these melt in the mouth Galouti kababs. Freshly prepared, this is a perfect amalgamation of spices and marinade with a hint of mint and ‘green chatni’ rendering it truly refreshing. Originally made with minced meat, this vegetarian version of the Lucknowi Galouti kebabs makes a great starters.


Ajwaini Fish Tikka: As the name suggests, Ajwaini Fish Tikka is boneless fish marinated in a combination of yogurt and spices and infused with a the distinct flavour of Ajwain (carom). The tender fish is prepared on a griddle first, to give it a smokiness and crunch.



Padampuri Murgh: Probably one of the creamiest dishes here, this is a rich chicken recipe from the desserts of Rajasthan, prepared using khoa (milk solids), ghee (clarified butter) and loads of fragrant spices. This north Indian delicacy is perfect for the winters as it is rich and warming.


Awadhi Murgh Biryani: For the non-vegetarians, this royal treat is fulfilling and satisfying. Originally a favourite of the ‘Nawabs of Awadh’, this chicken-rice dish is traditionally created with whole Indian spices, fragrant elixirs and slow cooked in a sealed handi (pot)to make it tender, juicy and aromatic.


Teliah Maah: A Himachali spicy yogurt curry, it can be served with hot ‘Phulkas’ or steamed rice and is among the interesting vegetarian main course items at this festival. The Pahari Style Teliah Mah uses lentils blended with spices that are basic and easily available at every household. Cooked on a low flame to retain it’s taste, this dish will definitely transport you to the verdant hills of Himachal.


Gur Aur Badaam Ki Phirni: Apt for the winters, this is a creamy rice treat slow cooked with milk and sweetened with jaggery and generous shavings of almonds and pistachios. Serves steaming hot or chilled, a small bowl will never be enough. Incidentally, their Masala Chai and the Masala Meetha Pan Kulfi is a perfect way to end this royal repast!


#The Royal Kitchens of India festival is on at Barbeque Nation outlets in the city till 3rd December, 2017. 

#Images used for representation only.

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