Robotic Joint Replacement Symposium, A Big Success


More than 250 Ortho Surgeons from all over the globe converged at the First International Symposium on Robotic Joint Replacement organized by Lokmanya Hospitals, a pioneer of Robotic Surgery in India, at JW Marriott SB Road recently.

The two-day deliberations by expert national and international speakers included case studies, paper presentations, live surgeries and the way forward for Joint Replacement technologies.

This symposium in tune with the need of the times was aptly based on the theme ” Interactive Technology ” and was adorned by experts who have witnessed the transition from conventional to Robotic Technologies.

During this conference, experts opined that with more accuracy, decreased operating time, less invasive, Robotic Assisted Knee Surgeries have resulted in improved patient outcomes. Experts including Dr. Narendra Vaidya Chairman Lokmanya Hospitals, Dr. Ashok Rajgopal, Dr.Bertrand Kapre, Dr. Sachin Tapasvi, Dr. Atharva Singh, Dr. Anoop Jhurani, Dr. Dimple Parekh, Dr. Ali Belooshi, Dr.Umesh S Mahajan, Dr. Costa Nikous were present on the occasion. A total of 1500 ortho surgeons watched live surgery through webcasting across the globe..It was a great platform for sharing knowledge and experience, of new technology adoption in the benefit of arthritis patients.

Dr. Narendra Vaidya, Managing Director, in his inaugural address, said that the fact that about 159 surgical robotic systems are being developed, especially North America and Europe shows the need for these technologies for the patients and the interest that experts are taking in developing these technologies. With more accuracy, less operating time, minimally invasive technologies patient recovery is faster, and therefore Robotic Knee Replacement technologies are here to stay.

The cost of these treatments is high and patients have been going to Europe and the US for treatments. But we have made quality and high-end treatments available at affordable costs here in India. Organizing the first International Symposium is a concrete step in that direction by exchanging ideas and training the doctors, he added.

The topics discussed include Conventional Knee Replacement – What is lacking ? , Evolution of technology in arthroplasty, Robotic Surgery with surgeon’s and engineer’s perspective, brainstorming on various topics, case studies, debate on conventional v/s robotics, etc.

The problem of knee pain is a challenge world over. Every third person In the US about 91 million people suffer from joint pain, while in India about 28.7% of people in the age group above 60 years suffer from joint pain. Sedentary lifestyles, lack of exercise, bad eating habits are causing joint problems in the aging population. Many will also turn to different ways of coping with this horrendous pain, from light exercise to researching the Best Topicals for Joints Relief, there are many things that can be done to help those who suffer and need a break from the continuous pain.