#RoadSafetyWeek: Pune Police To Focus Attention On Pedestrians This Week

#PuneAgenda - Pedestrian Safety
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Several hundred people lose their lives on the streets of Pune every year…

The most commons reason for these accidents is the lack of awareness on traffic rules, not following the rules and pedestrians who do not heed traffic signals and warnings.

Aimed at raising awareness among the citizens with respect to traffic rules and curb the number of accidents, the Road Safety Week is observed under the auspices of the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways and the National Security Council.

This year, the Pune police is focusing on pedestrian safety and reduction in the number of related accidents.

Speaking to Pune365, DCP- Traffic, Tejaswi Satpute said that we are going to run various awareness programmes in the city.

The objective is to promote road safety campaigns among school children, youth and city professionals.

Adopting road safety measures will reduce the number of accidents and injuries. Through our programmes, we also want to encourage riders and pillions to wear helmets, seat-belts and follow all traffic rules.

More pedestrians signals will be installed soon at major crossings along with other preventive measures in the best interest of the safety of pedestrians, Satpute added.

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Ayushman Singh, Volunteer at a city base NGO says, “The Pune police have been doing an incredible job with the whole enforcement of helmets in the city. However, in addition, the safety of pedestrians and animals should be taken as a priority in this campaign. J

Much like humans, several stray dogs are injured in road accidents caused by citizens not following the rules. “Hence alongwith initiatives to protect pedestrians, animal safety should also be borne in mind…

Additionally, citizens not following the traffic rules should be penalised and held responsible for the damage done.

Underage driving is another issue which must be tackled in the campaigns and stringent punishment should be given. Parents and guardians must be penalised also for encouraging their underage children to ride and drive, Singh added.

Speaking to Pune365, a road safety volunteer Jayesh Shah remarked, City Police have been constantly raising awareness campaigns about road safety.

There are constant drives now from the Pune police and traffic department and the results are showing. The city is seeing some discipline now in traffic and this is commendable. 

People have started to use helmets, there are policemen all over the city managing the traffic and penalising the violators. The police have been doing their best so far.

Jayesh however believes that a citizen should also be responsible for his own safety and pedestrian safety too.

There are some basic rules which should be followed by citizens like wearing helmets, seat belts. Avoid exceeding the vehicle’s seating capacity. Report, also rash driving to the concerned authorities. Never board a poorly maintained passenger vehicle and reporting such vehicles to authorities can save lives

Keep yourself informed about road signs and signals. Be vigilant of your surroundings,  Follow road signs and speed limits. Drive cautiously while passing through villages and cities. Watch out for stray animals and pedestrians.

The city has also introduced cycling tracks, however, these tracks are not all over the city. Yet, many citizens have taken up cycling to work so it is important to be extra watchful for bicycle riders after dusk. Show concern for your own safety as well as the safety of others, Shah added.


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