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PMPML (Pune Mahangar Parivahan Mahamandal Limited) recently announced the relaunch of its initiative to reward citizens who photograph errant bus drivers found using a mobile phone while driving.

The fine has been apparently doubled and will be shared equally between the citizen sending the picture and the PMPML staff welfare fund.

Although, this initiative is intended to rein in errant PMPML drivers, this can certainly be a novel method to adopt to stop the rampant use of mobile phones while driving and riding in the city.

Citizen activism of this kind can help the short staffed police authorities get more effective with the implementation of such road safety measures on a large scale.

Informed citizens also believe that this is an innovative idea that can help curb this dangerous trend.

“The focus should be the entire city traffic and not only PMPML,says Siddharth Kashyap, Active Citizen

Very few people are aware of this initiative and it’s only now, that they are offering a huge reward to pedestrians who send in these pictures,

I certainly think a similar option can work to curb the traffic violations in the city. “The E-challan app which is used by traffic policemen, volunteers and citizens should have a specific feature in the app which will allow them to post videos and pictures.

This will make it far simpler and am sure citizens will show interest if they are rewarded.” Siddharth adds.

“PMPML has launched the old scheme with an effective reward now. It Is a welcome move, and us concerned citizens can help curb such instances and inculcate good traffic discipline in Pune.” Quips Rajendra Tamse, School Teacher.

I think it should be take beyond PMPML in Pune, as the drivers are a bit cautious while driving and prefer keeping their phone off.

It should be implemented across Pune and made applicable to everyone, and for not only cell phone users, but all people violating traffic rules,” he adds.

“Law should be equal for everyone, it is time when Pune traffic division should also implement such things in line with PMPML.” quips Aarti Prabhu, Housewife.

It is very difficult to catch each everyone seen violating traffic rules. Given a chance, am sure people will help the cause. All of us want a permanent solution for the increasing traffic violations, as it endangers the lives of both the commuters and the pedestrians. 

A good example of citizen involvement is this WhatsApp group initiated by Kishore Mahaswade, Sub-Inspector of Police( Sangvi Traffic Division) where group members are encouraged to post pictures and videos of traffic violations. This is followed through with police action on the errant riders/ drivers and a copy of the challan issued is also posted on the group.

It is a very easy mode of communication and delivers outstanding results, despite it not being linked to any reward, Prabhu adds.

Devansh Roy, a student says, Traffic rules are to be adhered to universally if we have to ensure safety for all. Hence the citizen involvement will certainly work well.

With this kind of an initiative, commuters will be wary of not only the policemen but every citizen on the road who may record the violation.



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