When Was The Last Time You Walked?

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Remember the last time you walked to your nearest vegetable market or to the grocery store barely 500 metres from your place?

It is an established fact, that most of us prefer cycling or using our vehicles even if it means only a short walk to pick up essentials despite the numerous advantages it has, be it health or just economy.

Testimony to this is a 46-country survey by Stanford University that showed that Indians are among the laziest people in the world. India is ranked at 39 among 46 nations with people averaging just 4,297 steps a day.

The university research is based on step-counters installed in most smartphones to track the walking activity of about 700,000 people.

Stanford researchers say, “In countries with less obesity, people typically walked a similar amount every day. In nations with higher rates of obesity, there were larger gaps between those who walked a lot and

those who walked very little.” The data findings also show that Indian women walk much less than Indian men.

Speaking about how many steps is considered ideal, The Walking Site quoted, “A reasonable goal is to increase average daily steps each week by 500/day until one can easily average 10,000/day that would be equivalent to walking approximately five miles.”

 “It is ideal for an average person to walk five miles a day and if it is for fitness, then one should indulge in a 45 min or an hour of physical exercise daily,” Dr Dimple Oswal, a city-based nutritionist and dietician suggests.

“For people who cannot walk five miles daily should at least walk 1,000 steps to start with 12 suryanamaskars followed by few basic aasanas and breathing exercises at the end of their routine,” she adds.

“I can’t think of walking half a kilometre to the grocer to buy essentials. I work at a corporate. My schedule is very hectic. From sending my kids to school in the morning to making breakfast and dabbas for all, I have lots to do and can’t think of wasting my time,” says Radhika Juvela, an IT professional working in Hinjewadi.

“Taking a bike or a rickshaw is much faster and convenient. It saves time that I can put to used for my daily chores.

“Even on weekends I try saving my time for my family. And for those extra calories, I try burning them on the treadmill or at times walking on the weekends,” she adds.

“I like to walk because it keeps me healthy and more importantly keeps me away from driving,” says Yogesh Khandvilkar, a shopkeeper. My store is only about a kilometre away and I can easily come back home if I need to use the car.

“I have found that the daily walks have helped me shed a few kilos and control my diabetes,” he adds.

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