Are Today’s Relationships Only About Sex?

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Girl meets boy. Boy meets girl. They fall in love and then they fall out of it…

But what is the reason for the falling apart? And how has this suddenly become so common nowadays? Some people feel that there’s barely any conversation between the two people.

Others strongly feel that the definition of love has changed and now it’s more about physical intimacy rather than an emotional one. Perhaps that’s because sites like make it easy for people discover their desires and if someone can’t meet their needs, they’ll look elsewhere.

But what is this physical intimacy one talks about and how has it affected relationships now? ?Aakanksha Rao, a 22-year-old student currently studying law, feels that physical intimacy has become central to any relationship. “If there’s no physicality, the relationship doesn’t work out well. Youngsters are increasingly prioritising their sex life over emotional attachment,” she says. In a culture that is so dominated by sex, as seen so commonly with websites like being so popular, it seems as though many people only care about sex and will discard relationships that don’t satisfy their sexual needs.

“People expect sex from their partners and when there isn’t enough of it, they start looking for other people.

” It’s human nature. It’s a need that needs to be satisfied and this generation has very limited patience,” she adds. This need is often satisfied through online porn and the Girls on Babestation flaunting their assets for all to see on camera.

Jordan Tamang, 23, strongly feels that relationships are not just about physical intimacy.

” In the beginning, people are physically attracted to each other. But it doesn’t necessarily mean that they want to see each other naked. “As far as the relationships are concerned nowadays, one of the biggest reason they don’t really work is because of zero communication between the two people.

“There’s no actually talking and hence, trust issues later leads to a break up,” he adds.

According to Chhanda Mitra, a retired teacher, “At a young age, physical interest automatically come. And I feel if you have given your heart to someone then there’s no fault with giving your body. Though there are chances of betrayal.

“But I have seen men specially lose interest after winning over the women”.

As far as love is concerned, this cannot be a permanent one.

“Even when we marry someone we think and force ourselves to believe that they are going to stay together forever and the love will remain the same. But this isn’t true.” ??Andy Bharve, 27, says, “It does seem a bit superficial to me, the relationship nowadays. They have become more frivolous.

“Sex has become the ultimate reason that can make or break the bond, and of course, there are the casual rebounds to recover from failed relationships”.

“Sex on first-dates or even at first glance is the ‘IT’ thing now”. “I had read somewhere that humans are the least monogamous animals. So just sexually stimulated relationships are deemed to not work. With that being said, some couples who have been together for a long time or even for a short time may find it hard to find that spark between themselves and might decide to watch porn on sites like U Jizz to liven the mood in the bedroom instead.

“Sex is important but it cannot be the deciding factor to find a partner.

“It’s the time of the ‘trysexuals’ – try everything sexually once !!,” he adds jokingly.

??While most of these people, believe that relationships have become more about physical intimacy, there remain a few who still believe that this is not true.

Anandi Saha

Anandi Saha

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