Recurring Gastrointestinal Problems Worrying Pune’s Citizens

Gastro-Intestinal Problem
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Do you feel uneasy after every meal? Is there a burning sensation in your chest after every meal?

If the answer is yes, it is probably time to seek help from a qualified doctor.

Gastrointestinal ailments and conditions has become a growing problem in the city and any change, be it in the natural food habits, a physical routine, physical exercise or even the surrounding environment is leading to increased digestive disorders say medical experts.

Pune365 spoke to citizens and experts to gauge their view on the increasing Gastrointestinal problem

I think constipation and me go hand in hand.

I get constipated every alternate day, especially when I have a large size pizza or any other cheesy thing, says Mayank Karve, techie.

Am a die-hard junk food lover and being a migrant in Pune, I have no choice apart from relying on junk food. It is affecting my health, but nobody offers a good home cooked meal in this city at a reasonable price.

I have consulted several doctors and tried almost all types of medication from ayurveda to allopathy, but nothing seems to be helping me on a sustained basis.

Gas, constant burping, constipation and at times even diarrhoea have now become part of my weekend plans, says Gauri Tulpule, Pet Groomer.

I have a very hectic work schedule and that has lead to irregular food habits which are mainly the reason for my troubled weekends, she added.

It is a chronic problem and there is no permanent solution to this. I have consulted a specialist and inspite of the several courses of medicine, there has been no solution.

On a temporary basis the solution works wonders but not in the long run, Gauri added.

Smoking is considered to be a bad lifestyle habit, but I can’t clear my bowels without a smoke early morning, says Akshay Gund, Analyst. Apart from my morning constipation, I have not faced any other issue.

I follow a strict diet regime and that has always been helpful to me. I have tried hard to replace a cigarette with hot water or ginger tea, but that doesn’t seem to be helping my constipation.

In my opinion, the only solution to a stomach problem is consuming a large amount of water and avoiding greasy, fatty, acidic food and exercising regularly, Gund added.

Responding to these a city-based General Physician said that there were many causes to upset the Gastrointestinal tract and its motility (the ability to keep moving):

CAUSES Include: Stress, Low fibre diets, Lack of exercise, High intake of dairy products. Resisting the urge for bowel movement. Changes in routine etc. 

Constipation can be treated with high fibre portions in your diet, regular exercise and not resisting the urge for bowel movement. In case these methods don’t work, laxatives are a temporary solution. However, the overuse of laxatives can make symptoms of constipation worse.

Water intake should be high in every individual as inadequate water intake can also lead to constipation and other digestive disorders. A diet high in fat, fried and sugary food should be completely avoided.

High-stress levels, a lack of exercise, smoking, and drinking also affects your digestive system.


#All views expressed are those of the respondent’s and Pune365 does not necessarily subscribe to them.

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