Rape cases: Where Are We Going Wrong?


The Nirbhaya case death sentence has had no effect on the testosterone thugs who roam the streets of India, raping and molesting women without giving a damn.

A carbon copy incident occurred recently in Rohtak, Haryana, where a 20-year-old Dalit woman was brutally and repeatedly raped, her skull smashed and objects inserted into her private parts.Her body was thrown away in a remote area after the atrocities.

On its heels, a 10-year-old was raped by her stepfather and left pregnant, again in Rohtak. Another 26-year-old woman was raped in a moving car and dumped in Delhi.

There have been regular instances of violent sexual conduct in Pune too and horrific cases have come to light.

All these incidents have reinforced the fact that no amount of punishment will deter these predators who are a blot on society.

Where are we going wrong?  Is our society degenerating into a valueless and vicious one?

“I blame it on the lack of understanding of our value system so we don’t end up following them,” says Mona Deshmukh, 39, a professional designer.

“With most potential rapists, it is the challenge factor which comes into play.

“There is peer pressure as one person’s exploits makes the others want to do the same.“Disregarding the values which they may or may not have been taught, these people get into situations where their sexual desire turns into violent lust,” she says.

“In trying to prove their point, they turn into demons who are blinded by their acts. This is particularly true of younger molesters.“I think we must revisit out values to at least curb such violent sexual behaviour.

“Youngsters, particularly today, take things lightly.”,

“But basic values regarding respecting women must be inculcated at an early age so that such incidents are at least reduced,” she adds.

“We must get to the root of the problem,” says Vishwas Joshi, 27, an IT professional living in Hinjewadi. “This way we will at least get an idea of why such violent sexual crimes are committed and address the issue.

“We need an awareness campaign which will help people understand the horror of crime against women. This must be done on a sustained basis and must cover all sections of society,” he added.

Sakhshi Tiwari, 32, also working in the IT industry, is forthright in her view. “People, particularly in Pune, are getting selfish by the day. They have forgotten some very basic tenets like helping others,” she says.

“They simply go past even if there is an accident on the road or somebody is in an emergency situation.“How can you expect them to help if a woman is in distress or being attacked?

“I do night shifts regularly and I am scared after I finish work because the roads are sometimes lonely at these IT parks.

“I know I may have to fend for myself if I am attacked. I always carry some pepper spray with me. Forewarned is forearmed definitely,” she adds.

Raju Kalsekar, 55, a businessman, feels that the police must get more involved and must name and shame such offenders. “They often avoid getting too involved in rape cases and women sometimes cannot get their FIRs registered despite adequate proof.

“I remember the case of the girl and her two male friends who were travelling early in the morning and were stopped at the Lullanagar signal by motorcyclists who went on to beat them up and came back with a gang to further thrash them.

“It took the girl one week to get her complaint registered because the police refused to co-operate. “If this is the state of affairs, how can we ensure safety of our women?” he added.

Prashant Patil, 25, a student, is of the firm belief that education is the only way out.

“Their mentally has to be changed. This can only be done through proper education and awareness programmes. “It would be good if our parents are the first to make us aware on the subject of sex and prepare us for adulthood later. “This may at least help in avoiding such heinous crimes hopefully,” he adds.


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