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Rajmachi is a magnificent tourist destination in the state of Maharashtra. Famous for its fort and proximity to popular hill stations Khandala and Lonavala, Rajmachi is situated in the verdant Sahyadri and a must visit for trekkers  

A trek which blesses you with lush green mountains, numerous waterfalls, deep valleys, beautiful forts, amazing trails, a flowing river, vast plateaus, village life, water reservoirs andmore.

Getting There:

Rajmachi is located 7 kilometers away from Lonavala Railway Station on the Mumbai-Pune railway line. Many express trains that ply between Mumbai and Pune stop here. The Mumbai-Pune Expressway connects Pune to Rajmachi. The road journey will approximately take around 1 hour and 45 minutes. On the way there is a diversion just before Khandala Ghat which will take you to Kunhe Gaon which is a village from where you have a bad road which will lead you to Rajmachi or Udhewadi which is a base village.

This road is tough, but  the views you find along the way are breathtaking. The prominent landmark to reach Rajmachi is Della Adventure Park.

Places To See:
Rajmachi Fort has two fortified peaks, Shrivardhan and Manaranjan, with a wide plateau separating the two peaks. Also, the fort has few temples, a water reservoir, caves, ramparts and the ruins of fortification.

While the structure at the top may not be breathtaking, but yes, the journey to reach the top is really amazing.

Manranjan Fort

Manranjan Fort is one of the two forts that form the Rajmachi fortification. The other one is Shrivardhan Fort. The west part of the Rajmachi fortification is Manranjan Fort near the Rajmachi village. It was built to keep a watch on the plateau below the Manranjan hills. It has three gates, large ramparts and a water tank at the summit.

Shrivardhan Fort

The fort is in the eastern parts of Rajmachi town, Shrivardhan Fort is an ancient fort, which is closely associated with the Maratha rulers. The fort’s construction reflects Maratha style of architecture and the grand entrance of the Shrivardhan Fort is in semicircular shape. The fort covers charming Buddhist caves.

Stay and Food options at Rajmachi fort:

If you are looking for camping, you can pitch a tent at the Kal Bhairavnath Temple which is near to the base of the fort. Tents are available for rent if you don’t have one. The locals also offer home-stays and you can use this option if you are not comfortable camping.

The locals here serve the best food, Pithla- Bhakri a traditional Maharashtrian food is on demand for all. In case you want to eat non-veg the order is to be placed a day prior. On weekends the villagers put up small shops on way to Udhewadi, for quick snacks.

Tungarli Dam and Lake

One of the most popular weekend picnic spots near Rajmachi, Tungarli Dam and Lake is positioned on the backdrop of scenic surroundings with lush greenery. Nestled in the Sahyadri Hills, Tungarli Village offers panoramic views of the city of Rajmachi and other cities such as Lonavala and Lohagad. Camping facilities for trekkers and tourists are available at the Lake site.

Rajmachi Wildlife Sanctuary

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Located in a scenic place surrounded by dense green forests, Rajmachi Wildlife Sanctuary is situated on the foothills of Western Ghats in Sahyadri ranges.

The sanctuary houses a good variety of animals and birds. The giant Indian squirrel is one of the major attractions of this place.

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 Kal Bhairavnath Temple

Situated at a place known as Dhak in Rajmachi. An ancient Shiva temple, built in Hemdpanti style, is situated on the western side of the water reservoir. A large amount of silt coming in the storm water from the high land behind was deposited around the Shiva temple. The inhabitants of Udhewadi have now cleared the silt. A fountain in the shape of a cow-head and a water tank in the front of the temple have been discovered. Mahashivrathri is celebrated every year with great enthusiasm in this temple.


#All details and distances are indicative and readers are advised to check all details at the destination. 




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