Raising A Toast To Staying Single And Happy

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They have the keys to freedom and to do exactly what they please, or so they say.This breed of men and women have taken a careful and conscious decision to stay single – and many of them seem to be enjoying this too.

We spoke to a few happy singles in the city, to understand their thought process, and how they cope with life alone…

Rohan Iyer,38 says, “It’s great to be single as you don’t have to worry about being in a binding relationship. The freedom to do what you want, without being tied down to anyone. Moreover your’e free to meet any woman and have date her,” he winks.

The second amazing thing about being a bachelor is you don’t have the burden to fulfill someone else’s need and desires before your own. It is all about feeling young. ‘Nobody has till date said that getting married and having kids is an easy task.

I believe it is about time that we celebrate single-hood and appreciate life to the less. I know enough single people who are strong and happy but who may not be as famous.

Being single could be liberating, just as being in a relationship could also be satisfying.

Honestly, it is difficult to deal with one woman the entire life he adds with a laugh…

Neelam Paul, 42 makeup artists says “I love the freedom of single-hood”.

I was brought up in a middle-class family, I have always observed society’s normative structures. “Marriage is seen as an ideal in India, but the world is full of other possibilities and being happy and single can be one of them,” she said

Nowadays the institution of marriage has become gender biased. It is an unequal social and personal space which I will never settle for, said Paul who moved out of the house at the age of 22.

” My choices have empowered and made me much more happier and independent woman,” said the ardent reader and frequent traveler who is glad she has never compromised when it comes to individuality.

I lead an exciting and happy life. There is no better way to live, she adds.

Shraddha Mehta,36 says, “I decided to stay single as my mother had a failed marriage and since then I have never regretted my decision”.

I don’t know why it is so difficult for people to understand that being single could have its benefits.

One could be more independent when they are single.’ No strings attached’ affairs could be more open when single.

However, she also admits about having active sex life. According to Mehta the onslaught of mobile dating apps and websites has turned the idea of a woman looking for just sex, into a gender-neutral physical urge.

It is often, her choice as much as it is for the opposite sex. Shraddha recently had a one night stand with a younger man she met at a dating website.

“If sex is available easily, there’s nothing wrong woman lusting after it equally and unapologetically, not waiting around to first check out the quintessential emotional connect,” she adds.

32 year old Emmaunel, an Interior designer says, “My choice to stay single makes me no gay. I am more than happy to enjoy my single status.

Moreover i have a reason, No I am not commitment phobic. But it’s something to do with expenditure.

Marriage has become such a big thing. You spend lakhs and lakhs and crores of money in getting somebody married. I can’t afford all this. That’s the reason I am a happy single man! Marriage is the first step to burning a hole in your pocket, he said.

“Being single gives me an opportunity to meet and date many women, it is always good to have freedom in life! And more importantly, happiness is something to be worked on, it can be attained with or without marriage.” he adds


#All views expressed in this column are of the individual respondents (some names changed on request) and Pune365 does not necessarily subscribe to them.

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