Rainy Indulgence – Go For It !

Monsoon food
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Sight the first shower and you can be sure, a true Puneri begins craving piping hot veg bhajjis, Joshi Vada Pao and ‘Durga ki coffee’.

But this year, we urge you to ditch the old favourites and try our carefully curated list of mouth-watering monsoon bites from these new eateries across the city..

And yes, we made sure they’re pocket friendly too..

Momo Noodle Soup

Momo Noodles Soup

Raining cats and dogs outside? Worry not as you get more time to slurp a hot bowl of soup with veggies, noodles and stuffed momos. The tangy sauce gives it that extra kick and those floating dim sums keep you fuller for longer.

Where: Café PeterDonuts, Kothrud

Price: Rs 175 onwards



Corn Au Gratin:

Corn Au Gratin

We all love savouring our favourite monsoon delicacy; The CORN right? So here is a corn dish with a twist. This creamy, corny and super cheesy platter is perfect for those lazy monsoon weekends. It’s sweet, savory, and decadent all at once.

Where: Corn Club, FC Road

Price: Rs 99


Choco Nut Mousse

Choco Nut Mousse

What’s better than a holistic super food for those cheat days or mid-week cravings .This nutty, gooey, chocolaty and banana sweetened nutri dessert is an instant crowd pleaser. The feeling of having a cold dessert this monsoon is inimitable.

Where: The Green Chef, Wadgaon Sheri

Price: Rs 79 per portion


Pune’s Maramari with Ghar ka Aloo Sandwich

Pune's Maramari With Ghar Ka Aloo SandwichMonsoons are incomplete without a cup of ‘Chai’! Pune’s Maramari at the Chai Shai is none than the regular but definitely better. A sip of this household national beverage with their famous Ghar ka Aloo Sandwich will transport you to your hometown instantly.

Where: Chai Shai, Vimannagar

Price: Rs 60 and Rs 80 respectively


Roasted Broccoli Soup

Roasted Broccoli Soup

Since this is about unconventional monsoon recipes, this had to make the list. OW’s trusted bowl of broccoli with some cream cheese, a dash of lemon and Parmesan is so tempting that, you won’t think twice diving into the bowl.

Where: Open Window Café Bistro, Shivaji Nagar

Price: Rs 220 per serving



Chicken and Cheese Ratatouille

Chicken And Cheese Ratatouille

Serving French delicacies right from their kitchen is Pardon Me French. Their Chicken and Cheese Ratatouille (crepes stuffed with veggies and chicken) complimented with some coleslaw is what one needs to get over those Monday blues.

Where: Pardon My French, SB Road

Price: Rs 180 per serving


*Prices are subject to applicable taxes and charges. Please check prices with the restaurant before visiting or ordering.

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