#PuneYouth: Stop Judging Us On What We Wear!


Clothes and dressing has been an eternal topic of debate in India and the moral brigade having their share of voice on what they thought is appropriate or not.

The views are often archaic and do not reflect the free spirit that our youth enjoy today, resulting in an imbroglio that has seen no resolution. India is not new to judgement being passed by a majority when it comes to a woman’s attire.

Interestingly. a US student was a victim of such judgement recently. Reports suggest that a professor at the Cornell University remarked on the shorts a student (while she was delivering a presentation) wore. The student in retaliation, stripped and to continued her half hour presentation.

Krishnamurthy Thakur, Director Of MIT- ISBJ opines,”The incident has taken place in the US, though in most US Universities there is no specific dress code for students.

In Indian Universities, there is no written dress code per se. However, whether in India or anywhere, It is a very sensitive issue for a male professor to comment on a student’s dress in public and especially with respect to a woman student.

To avoid such a situation from both sides. The student should ideally conform to what the majority wears in the college. This helps prevent any undue attention at any occasion.

From an institution’s point of view, there are committees normally that look into these matters and are normally headed by a woman It will always be a big task to define the dress code and appropriateness of a certain dress.

There will always be debate on what can be defined as length of a dress etc. The dress code can be defined based on a specific occasion, rather than in general. It’s a very sensitive issue for a college to decide on a uniform dress code.”

Chandra Shekhar Patwardhan, Senior Correspondent, Aaj Ka Anand opines,” People should concentrate on the topic and what the person wants to convey, rather than what he/she is wearing.

According to me, it is basically wrong. No objections should be raised on clothing. Also, a possible reason for all this is male chauvinism.

However, our young generation should also take effort to understand the feelings of the society and not try and be provocative. Also, if the point of discussion of an individual is correct, one should point to what she is talking about rather then what she is wearing.

The basic framework should be that in public places like playgrounds, Institutions etc, it may be advisable to avoid being dressed provocatively, he adds.

I believe that when there’s absolute liberty, one can be what one wants.

Petty things like what one is wearing, should not be taken into consideration and definitely not over matters of substance says, Shefali Nair, Writer, and Entrepreneur

Fortunately, I’ve not experienced any incident like this. But I can only imagine what that would feel like, being judged for what you’re wearing.

Also, I don’t think there should be any kind of dress code in colleges. I believe in the idea of ‘To each his/her own’. When a person is comfortable, they perform better. And so, more than anything, let our youth be. They know what they want, in their own eccentric way, they do.

The only reason for such incidents like this is because people do not always have an open mind. People need to start focusing on things that really matter like – the quality of education, good content, positive atmosphere etc. than on trivial things like what one is wearing!

Juhi Bhardwaj, Magazine Writer says,” Guideline on clothing does hinder student liberty. One should be allowed to dress the way the like according to their personality.

We should learn to be more accepting of others. Personally, I haven’t experienced any of such Incidents because I dress according to the occasion.

Being an Indian girl from a small city, we are always taught to avoid such situations by being cautious with all this. Yet, I personally don’t think there should be a dress code, school is enough for dress codes and uniforms.

Also, I believe narrow mindedness and sexism are the reasons behind such incidents.

” I believe everybody should have the freedom to wear whatever they like. College authorities and professors have no right to comment on one’s dressing says, Abhilasha Murkerjee, Student.

Yes, Recently, I have experienced somewhat like this. I had wone a shirt with a lace patch on the shoulder area and one of my female professors commented on it.

It was wrong on her part and we ended up in a verbal duel. Firstly, I am doing my Masters and at the at age of 23, I believe I know what I should wear. Moreover, teachers should not comment in front of other teachers and students as well.

I often think it is some jealousy and misplaced moral values that are the the reasons for such judgement”


Riya Kalwani

Riya Kalwani

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